While most would to prefer to burn the tape of this year’s basketball season, I suggest that we take another look…OU will never be a Kansas, Kentucky or Duke that can sign “one and done” players on a regular basis. Just as importantly OU is not going to interview for the FBIs Most Wanted List.   These facts create a conundrum of sorts for OU fans.  We want to win, but getting enough NBA-type players through the “one and done” process or by cheating is not in our future.

We are stuck with being a good, not great basketball program coached by a guy who will always do things the right way.   Kansas will get the one and doners while OSU will gets its players the old fashioned…by cheating.

On Thursday night in Pittsburgh, Trae Young and the OU basketball team will both be one and done. The good news is that Trae will make millions and possibly give some of that money back to OU for us to build a real basketball arena.  The other good news is that the Sooners will play one more game in the tournament than OSU.

I think that most of us believed that OU’s season would be over following that embarrassing loss to OSU in Kansas City. I believe that for OU to be playing one more game is a big deal.   Being the naïve sort of guy that I am, I believe the selection committee may have asserted itself by rewarding Lon Kruger the extra game instead of OSU.

The committee is made up a bunch of coaches who care about the game and who want it preserved for the next generation to enjoy.   These guys hate cheaters as much as I do and when given a choice between OU and OSU last Sunday, they chose the good guys.

Some may say, why does it matter with the Sooners likely headed back to Norman Thursday night. It matters because, it has to start somewhere and this may be a good place to start.  Good should always overcome evil.

This is my story and I’m sticking with…

Boomer Sooner…


Sherry’s new found BFF…

I had a tough time creating a title for this blog.   I could gone with a favorite Yogi Berra quote of “it’s deja vu all over again” but that would not work as we have seen this OU men’s team lay an egg time and time again this year…and for that matter we saw Lon’s boys meltdown at this same time last year.

I could have also gone with “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over”, after all the Sooners on many occasions have tempted us to the bitter end before bailing out the opponent with a barrage of three pointers that took out only cheerleaders.   Seriously, have you ever seen so many three-point shots miss iron?

Of course that standard “the enemy of great is good” phrase that has enveloped both the men’s and women’s teams would be a good title, but that would be way too easy. Instead I decided to go with “Sherry’s new found BFF”.

As you know I am an equal opportunity blogger…last time I hit Sherry pretty hard…this week it’s Lon’s turn. As everyone knows Trae Young is going to make a ton of money next year, regardless of how the Sooners finish.   He will become a special talent at the next level; in the meantime he has become the 2nd coming of a Mike Stoops defense…hard to watch.

While I hate this “one and done” deal, one can’t blame him for leaving, particularly in light of what college coaches make these days. By my math Lon Kruger is hauling down around $125,000 for every win this year. Of course you can double that amount for last season.   Granted paid fans are picking some of his salary, but football donors are picking up most of the tab. Trae has to do what Trae has to do…

The OU problem was here before Trae and it will be here after he is gone. For OU administrators, as long as Sherry and Lon can keep OU off the NCAA “most wanted list” and keep our newly found top 100 USNewsandWorldReport academic ranking in tact, Sherry and Lon will have lifetime contracts. I just wish OU officials could figure out a way to win a few more basketball games at the same time. By my count over a dozen universities ranked ahead of OU on the US News list have figured out a way to do both.

As for me I am not planning on spending my twilight years watching mediocre OU basketball, men’s or women’s. If that had been my course of action back in the day, I would have stayed on the farm and become an Aggie.

Boomer Sooner…




Joe’s in a pickle…

The OU women’s basketball program reminds me of days gone by. Back in the day, OU fans were torn by a similar predicament with John Blake.  We knew that he was not the answer, but we also knew that getting rid of him could be ugly.

OU fans had a real dilemma at the end of the 1998 season. The Sooners had won three (3) and four (4) games respectively in the previous two seasons and were looking at another four-win season in ‘98.  There we were rooting for our beloved Sooners to beat Texas Tech in the season finale, while realizing that losing this meaningless game would mean a four-win season that would make it easier for OU officials to do what had to be done.

As the OU football gods would have it, Sooner fans got the best of both worlds…we beat Texas Tech and the next day, Blake was still fired. Those were tough times.  Same goes today for OU fans and Sherry Coale.  OU fans owe Sherry a lot for bringing the women’s basketball program back from the dead some twenty-five years ago.  We also owe her for winning a ton of games over the years.

We also know that Sherry’s best days are behind her. Players that use to gloss over Sherry’s coaching skills, have stopped showing up in Norman.

Just like with John Blake back in the day, OU fans find themselves torn. We want to win, but we realize that the enemy of great is good.   We understand that as long as the women’s program is just good enough, Sherry will continue to hum along on the road to mediocrity.

Sherry’s Lady Sooners beat 24th ranked West Virginia yesterday to make my point.  Get swept by Texas and OSU on a yearly basis and then beat a bunch of Lady Mountaineers (that sounds scary, huh) to put off the inevitable.

I don’t know about you, but every time the cost of an OU football ticket goes up, I think of the red tape being absorbed by Sherry’s program. From her $700,000 yearly salary, to the charter flights to Morgantown and Ames, to the empty seats at the LNC.  Yes, I know that softball doesn’t turn a profit either, but at least we are getting some bang for our football buck with Patti Gasso.

Okay, here’s the deal…firing a men’s coach is one thing, firing Sherry will be something else. Making matters worse is Joe’s dilemma of how to arrange for Sherry to bow out gracefully.

Some have suggested that she be kicked upstairs to an Assistant A.D. position. Here’s the problem with that idea.  This would mean that Patti Gasso, the latest, greatest OU rock star would be working for Sherry.

Call me crazy, but for some reason…I just don’t think that this arrangement would work.

Regardless, I believe Joe Castiglione is the best Athletic Director in America. He also gets paid to be the best A.D. in America.  He tends to think outside the box, so hopefully he is developing a plan as we speak…

We can only hope…

Boomer Sooner…

Rushing the Court…

The bad news is that OU lost on Saturday, the good news is that we must be better than I thought. The scene after the game resembled a fan base that had just beaten the Big 12 Champion. I hope this still happens, but I would not hold my breath.

OU is a good team, but not a great team…to lose by two points on the road, particularly after trailing by double digits at half was pretty remarkable.

Of course as all of us know, OSU fans rush the court/field any time they beat the Sooners in any sport. This is what little brothers do.

Back in the day OU fans felt compelled to do the same thing.   The last mosh pit I can remember was back in 1997 when the fans of a John Blake OU team found themselves desperate for a win. The Sooners rallied and kicked a field goal to beat Syracuse at the gun causing an ecstatic student section to rush the field.

Right on cue, this was the highlight of a 4-8 season…in retrospect the mosh pit scene by Sooner fans made us look silly. Since those days, OU fans have come to expect wins, not crave them. Acting like we have been there before has become OU’s mantra.

Kansas does the same in basketball. When was the last time you saw KU fans who are arguably the best fans in basketball rush the court after a close win. Like OU in all sports and Kansas in basketball, KU fans expect to win and are not going to embarrass themselves by giving the opposition too much credit.

Finally, this OU team is vastly improved over last year and we need to embrace this thought.  Trae Young is a heck of a player, but now that Bob Huggins has created the template for shutting down his passing lanes, this team may have peaked.  OU should continue to improve next year with our without Trae Young.

As for the Cowboys, their day of NCAA reckoning is coming. The pipeline that has allowed high priced agents and OSU coaches to illegally place NBA-type in Stillwater is about to dry up.

As for the Cowpatty fans and rushing the court…let them have their fun. After all what else is there to do in Stillwater. I have been to Stillwater tons of times over the years and the best part of every trip was the ride out of town.

Boomer Sooner…



Road to Recovery…

Just like an alcoholic, I drank an excessive amount of OU Kool-aide once again and now I’m suffering from another OU football hangover.

For some reason I thought that Mike Stoops might develop a clue sometime during my lifetime. This was my first mistake.   Then, I assumed that this staff like every other coaching staff in America would have someone assigned to coach special teams.  Wrong again…

With both hands tied behind our backs, I should have seen this train-wreck coming. After all, I should have remembered that this is the same OU team that barely got out of Dallas and Stillwater with wins and lost at home to a weak Iowa State team. Baker, particularly a sick Baker can only do so much.

Then again, like all OU fans, I really wanted to believe in the worst way that we had turned the corner.

This would have been the time for me to remember that OU made its bed three years ago by deciding to stay in the Big 12. Recruiting that year took a nosedive as every 5-star recruit in Texas headed for the SEC.

I know OU fans get tired of hearing this, but the proof is in the recruiting pudding.

This OU team had one (1) five star player on the field in the Rose Bowl while Georgia had ten (10). Overcoming Mike Stoops with this kind of talent discrepancy is not going to happen.

However, there may be a light at end of the tunnel as OU got a commitment from five star defensive back this past Saturday…this guy will fit in nicely with the other five-star player (Caleb Kelly) currently on the OU roster. May not seem like much, but at least it’s a start.

Hopefully, history will repeat itself as well as OU fans can hope for more good news down the road.   The last time OU football suffered a loss like this one was the Bob Stoops/OSU fiasco of three years ago. That was when donors pressured Bob to get rid of Josh Heupel.

I have not seen Mike Stoops since the Rose Bowl game so we can only hope that he was left on the tarmac at LAX.   The same goes for our specials teams guru…Maybe these two idiot-sticks can take their Abbot and Costello Act on the road.

Okay, Lincoln here we go…these are your three steps you must take to ensure that OU can compete with the SEC

…Fire Mike Stoops.

…Make someone on this staff accountable for special teams (maybe you can give Ruffin McNeil something to do).

…Recruit SEC-type players.

If this does not happen, we must hope that football gods will spare us another Final Four/SEC matchup next year.   Give me a Cotton Bowl game against a slow-footed Big Ten team any day. Then, we can end the season on a positive note before going into the dreaded offseason.

Boomer Sooner…

Bowl games…

I am probably the only guy in America that still gives a rat’s behind about bowl games. With the advent of the playoffs, these games have become pretty much meaningless. Then again, I love filling out a bracket and seeing my teams go belly up.

Some may ask…why do bowl games matter? Let me give you three reasons.

First…why else would anyone want to visit Alabama towns like Mobile and Birmingham? Here’s why…People in Kansas and Iowa are desperate for any reason to get out of town in the dead of winter.

Secondly, conferences use bowl games to sell their product. The Big 12 has nine bowl game tie-ins

For the bowl games, this is a win-win situation. Those empty seats you see on t.v. are actually filled with seats purchased by the conference.   Teams assigned to a bowl game by the conference must purchase an allotment of tickets. If fans don’t pony up the money, the league will.

Let’s say, oSU only sold 5,000 to the Camping World Bowl in Orlando which looked about right…the conference then picks up the tab for the rest of oSU’s 12,000 tickets. That’s right the conference is on the hook to the tune of $350,000.

Reason three is the big one…back in the day, teams with marginal records would occasionally turn down a bowl game opportunity. That never happens today for this reason. Bowl teams get an additional twenty days of practice…this is the equivalent to an extra spring practice.

Coaches use this time to evaluate younger players for the upcoming season. Only the big boys in the playoffs use this time to prepare a game-plan for the bowl game. This is why these games are so unpredictable and yes, ugly.

What I learned from this bowl season…

…Never pick against a service academy. Unlike everyone else, these teams take bowl games seriously. They also run the option that makes the opposing teams look silly.

…Never pick a MAC team. MAC teams should never play anyone outside the MAC. That Toledo team that lost to App. State (that’s right App. State) reminded me of the old Toledo Dolls Womens’ League team.

…Never pick a Mike Leach team in a bowl game. I know the guy is entertaining, but he will never take a bowl game or any game for that matter that means nothing seriously…Conversely, Mark Dantonio at Michigan State would take a dogfight seriously. This made for a predictable outcome.

…It is hard to believe that oSU only beat a very average Va. Tech team by nine points. And that 9 point win came gift-wrapped as the Hokies fumbled away a chance to go up by 11 points in the first half. oSU started three projected NFL first round draft choices in this game…what a waste.

…The TCU win over Stanford reassured me about OU’s chances against Georgia. The Horned Frogs who OU handled easily twice this year manned up quite well against a Stanford team that is mirror image of Georgia…I like our chances…


2017 recruiting – first signing period.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m having a hard time getting use to the new early signing day. In the old days the 2nd Wednesday in Februrary was perfect. February is the most miserable month of the year and having a signing day in February made the month bearable.

This year the NCAA decided to create an early signing day in December, just four days short of Christmas. Most football fans were so covered up with Christmas distractions or work, they missed the whole thing.

Any way it is what it is…we will have to live with it. On a positive note, this year college football will have two signing dates. That’s my silver lining…

In any case, here’s the’s national top ten…

  1. Georgia
  2. Ohio State
  3. Texas
  4. Penn State
  5. Alabama
  6. Miami
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Clemson
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Auburn

1…Watch out for Georgia moving forward…they start a true freshman at quarterback and have a bunch of returning starters. With this year’s #1 recruiting class and finally a decent head coach the Bulldogs will battle Alabama moving forward.

2…Typical Ohio State class. These guys do less with more than any team in the country. OU needs to make Josh Proctor pay for becomimg a Buckeye.

3…I know Texas is known for wasting recruiting classes, but I suspect this coaching staff may be different.   The good news for Texas and possibly for the Big 12 is that Texas turned the tables on A&M and the SEC this year. Texas signed the top player in Texas and 9 of the top 15 in-state players.

4…Penn State got a player in Micah Parsons that OU would love to have had, but other than that, I am not impressed with Pedophile U.

5…Just as predicted, Alabama took their sweet time cherry picking the best talent. These guys are not finished…may end up #1 after the second signing date.

6…There will always be a ton of talent in south Florida for Miami to recruit. If these guys had any coaching at all, they’d be dangerous.

7…Notre Dame loads up once again on highly ranked slow white guys…

8…Clemson is the antithesis of the Big Ten schools. They will get the most out of their players and will dominate a weak ACC. Clemson will be in the final four discussion as long as they can hold onto Brent Venables.

9…OU recruiting is just getting started under Lincoln Riley. We should thank Bob Stoops for stepping down before the season and before this recruiting cycle revved up. Bob was done and he knew it…Lincoln is just getting warmed up.

10…Auburn will continue to be the oSU of the SEC. They can live rather well off Alabama throw-aways.


Big 12 Rankings






5…West Virginia

7…Iowa State

8…Texas Tech

9…Kansas State


Big 12 thoughts…

1…See Texas comments above.

2…See OU comments above.

3…TCU does as good a job of evaluating its recruits as anyone in the country. Two years from now the Horned Frogs will be competing for a Big 12 Championship once again.

4…Give Tom Rhule and Baylor credit. This guy has brought Baylor back from the dead. Baylor will be back sooner than people think.

5A. Due to scholarship limitations, oSU will always get their share of Oklahoma kids that OU cannot afford to take. They will also get Texas kids that Texas and A&M don’t have room for. All in all, this is a pretty good Gag class.

5B. Some recruiting services have the West Virginia class ranked ahead of oSU. Nothing special here, but with quarterback Will Grier returning in 2018, look out for the Mountaineers, especially the Friday after Thanksgiving.

7-10…Give Iowa State’s Matt Campbell credit. Convincing three star recruits to relocate to Ames Iowa is pretty impressive.

Texas Tech continues to struggle to convince good players to move to Lubbock. I have never been to Lubbock, but those who have been there tell me that it sucks. Then again, Tech has finally learned how to play defense. The Red Raiders also have a bunch of returning starters for 2018, so pretty boy may get in done after all.

Look for K-State’s Bill Snyder to put the rumors aside and return for his 100th season in Manhattan. At that point he can set his sights on the 2nd signing period and the Kansas junior college crowd.   When this happens, this class will rank in the middle of the Big 12.

This Kansas recruiting season started off with so much hope with six Louisiana commitments. The Jayhawks ended up with half that many, but one was a four star defensive back stolen from under the noses of LSU. May not seem like much, but this is a start for the worst football program in America.