Recruiting Update – OU vs. rivals & OU vs. Big 12…



Recruiting – Part II…

OU versus rivals…


While the pipe dream of securing all four super blue players left on the OU plate did not happen, it was close.   The Sooners nailed down four star players Steven Parker, Michaeh Quick and Kenneth Frison.   The Sooners lost out on Diondre Clark, but picked up three star recruit Courtney Garnett and Orlando Brown.  The thought of losing Clark should be softened by the fact that the Douglas defensive end signed with non-rival LSU and the fact that his mom may end up being a bigger head-case and meddler than Charles Thompson.  Orlando Brown is the son of former pro lineman by the same name.  His signing came out of nowhere and added icing to the cake.   


The spurt at the end catapulted the Sooners ahead of both the Longhorns and Cowboys…This group combined with the starters coming back in 2014 will go a long way in putting the Sooners back in the final four and national title picture in the near future.   


Consensus of Rivals100/247sports/ESPN/ rankings in parenthesis…

  1. OU (14)                
  2. Texas (17)          
  3. OSU (24)                                                             


Recruiting update – part III…

The Big 12…


It is always fun to envision what things may look like two, three and even four years down the road.  As we know head coaches come and go and the facilities war will continue to rage unabated, but for the most part a football program must play with the cards it is dealt.   Previous recruiting science studies bear out that the teams that recruit the best do the best. 

Big 12 final rankings…

Consensus of Rivals/247sports/ESPN/Scout rankings in parenthesis…

  1. OU (14)                                                     
  2. Texas (17)          
  3. OSU (24)                                             
  4. Baylor (26)                                         
  5. West Va. (38)                    
  6. Texas Tech (39)
  7. TCU (44)
  8. Kansas St. (49)                                  
  9. Iowa State (55)
  10. Kansas (57)                        





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