Recruiting – Part IV…

Power Conference rankings…


Simply put the face of college football will be changing over the next few years.  Leading the way will be power conference teams that strengthened themselves through the conference realignment process.   These conferences have also improved their lot through the recruiting process.  While coaching and player development will always play a major role in winning championships, winning becomes a lot easier with blue chip talent.   


The realignment maize has left college football with five power conferences going into the 2014 playoff year.  Setting the table for the inaugural playoff season by examining recent recruiting rankings can go a long way in predicting conferences that will be represented in these playoffs.   


The following chart represents Rivals100 power conference ratings in recruiting over the past three years.  By identifying the number of conference teams with top 30 classes, conference talent levels can be identified.   Given this fact, it is safe to assume that the SEC, ACC and Pac 12 will likely be represented by teams in three of the four playoff spots, the fourth and final spot becomes critical.  If talent does indeed matter, that fourth playoff position is up for grabs between the Big Ten and Big 12.  


While the Big Ten may have a leg up on the Big 12 due to the overall strength of the Big Ten’s recruiting Class of 2014, OU’s Sugar Bowl win may provide the conference with a lifeline.    That big win coupled with a resurgence in recruiting and a ton of returning starters in 2014 may allow OU to carry the conference to the fourth playoff spot.


Below is a listing of power conferences and the average number of Rivals100 Top 30 teams over the past three years.  During that three year span the SEC has averaged eleven (11) teams per year followed by the ACC and Pac 12 with six (6) and the Big Ten and Big 12 with three (3)teams. 


  1. SEC (11)
  2. ACC (6)
  3. Pac 12 (6)
  4. Big Ten (3)
  5. Big 12 (3)          


OU ranking in…               







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