Recruiting part V…

SEC Domination of Texas High School Talent?


Astute football fans admit that the Texas A&M move to the SEC was a huge success.  From Johnny Football to national exposure to a new stadium, the Aggies are much better off now than ever before. Included with the move came a once in a lifetime recruiting surge for the Aggies.   The Aggies have now replaced UT as the team that gets its pick of the litter when it comes to Texas high school talent.  In 2014 the recruiting haul by the Aggies was ranked in the top five by every recruiting service and currently A&M is ranked  #1 nationally. 

Many believed that the Aggie move to the SEC would create a feeding frenzy by other SEC schools hungry for Texas high school talent.  Fortunately, for the Big 12 that fact has never materialized.  According to Rivals the SEC picked up twenty two (22) of the top 100 players in Texas in the most recent recruiting season.   By subtracting the thirteen (13) signed by A&M, that leaves only nine (9) for the rest of the SEC.  In other words the A&M move to the SEC may have helped A&M, but it has had little impact on the rest of the conference.

Seventy five (75) members of the Texas top 100 were signed by teams outside the SEC.  The Big 12 with its fifty six (56) signees led the way with the biggest haul by any conference.  Basically, the LSU’s, Alabama’s and Georgia’s of the SEC realized that there was plenty of talent within their own borders and decided to stay home to reap those benefits and as a result left Texas alone. 

As a result, hope springs eternal for the future of the Big 12.   As long as the Big 12 can continue to maintain its grip on Texas high school talent, the conference will have a legitimate shot at a final playoff spot in future years. Below is a list of power conference and the number of Texas top 100 players who signed with these conferences. 

Texas Top 100 players…


  1. Big 12 (56)
  2. SEC (22) with 13 signed by Texas A&M…
  3. Pac 12 (12)
  4. Big Ten (4)
  5. ACC (3)





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