Early Start on Recruiting – Class of 2015 Rankings…



It is has been a while since an end of season stretch meant so much to the Sooner program as the one at the end of the 2013 season did.  The truth of this matter the end of season surge has produced an explosion on the recruiting trail for the Sooners as evidenced by the end of season recruiting haul and got the start of the 2015 recruiting season.  The end of seasons wins over OSU and Alabama allowed the Sooners to return to dominance in the homes of in-state recruits and the opportunity to compete for prospects nationally. 


This may be the fastest start ever for the Sooners.  In years past the Sooners have bided their time by hanging back in the pack until the last few weeks before signing day.  Now the Sooners are using junior days to wrap up commitments a year early.  If the Sooners can keep this momentum going through the spring and summer year the Class of 2015 may be a special one for Sooner fans. 


Below are today Class of 2015 Scout.com rankings as of March 8th.   The number of commitments is in parenthesis…Big 12 teams are in bold print. 


  1. Texas A&M (7)
  2. Alabama (8)
  3. LSU (9)
  4. West Virginia (9)
  5. Georgia (5)
  6. Arkansas (5)
  7. Penn State (7)
  8. Florida State (7)
  9. Oklahoma (5)
  10. Clemson (8)
  11. TCU (8)
  12. Nebraska (6)
  13. Tennessee (7)
  14. Texas (7)
  15. Notre Dame (3)
  16. Michigan (4)
  17. USC (3)
  18. UCLA (3)
  19. Iowa (4)
  20. Baylor (3)
  21. Mississippi State (9)
  22. Michigan State (3)
  23. Stanford (2)
  24. BYU (4)
  25. Ohio State (3)


Other Big 12 teams…


32.  Texas Tech (2)

56.  Kansas State (1)

56.  Oklahoma State (1)

NR   Iowa State

NR   Kansas











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