OU’s Game of the Week réel…


Thanks to Doctor Tamage, who finds these gems on the OU message board, we are blessed with this black and white nugget from the Bud days.  While it was not a classic OU win, it does point out how dominant Bud’s teams were in those days.  It also demonstrates that things have not changed for KU.  Sticking with basketball has always been the best choice for the Jayhawks.  Give the Jayhawk fans credit however; it looks like Jayhawk fans may have orchestrated the first white-out…


By the way, the video is surprisingly good considering the fact that televised games were quite an anomaly in ’54. The first televised game on a regional level between Waynesburg and Fordham occurred only a decade earlier.  It was not until the 50’s that the NCAA allowed games to be televised on a regular basis.


The video is the game of the week featuring OU and Kansas.  While I was around when this nugget was on television, my family had not yet entered the 20th century and there was not television in the Story household.  At the same time, I had the second best thing as I listened to the Bob Barry doing play by play on my transistor radio.   In his prime Bob Barry was as close as one could get to being there in person, without being there in person.   At the same time an audio feed was not the same as seeing it in live time.


Doc T., the elder statesman of OU football, reminded me that this win was number 14 in the 47 game winning streak that ran from 1953 to 1957.  Adding to the dominance of the Big Red during this time period was the fact that this streak was on the heels of a 31 game streak that ran from 1947 to 1950.  The reason the OU stadium should be named after Bud Wilkinson and not a newspaper guy is that Bud Wilkinson made OU football what it is today.  Recovering from the Dust Bowl and the Okie era was no easy task…Bud made it possible… 


Bud’s teams won 3 national championships and should have won a couple more AP titles during his heyday.   In addition the Sooners captured 13 consecutive conference titles during this time, a feat almost as impressive as the winning streaks.  


One last thing…Had it not been for Notre Dame, Bud’s teams would have never lost.  From mid-season 1951 and into the 1958 season the Sooners posted two ties to Pitt and Colorado and three losses to the Irish.   During a 71 game stretch in the 50’s (seven seasons in those days) the Sooners were 0-3 against the Irish and 65-0-2 against the rest of college football.  It is no wonder that the old timers hate the Irish so much. 


It is also no wonder that OU fans are so arrogant…We have the facts to back it up…


Boomer Sooner…

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