You can’t make this stuff up…


It was another proud moment for OSU football last week as the Cowboys become the first team in college football history to be banned from practice by the NCAA.  May only be one day a week, but it is still a big deal.   After all, these guys need all the practice time they can get to get it right.   To put the APR into perspective, a failing APR is score would be like a public school getting an F on the A-F scale.  For a normal program in a normal state, a failing APR score would be not only embarrassing; it would cost someone his job.  

The good news that was lost in most of this was the fact that on the day when the team would normally be practicing, team members will be relegated to study hall sessions.   What the NCAA does not seem to understand is that an extra two hours week will not be enough to teach these guys how to read and write.  Dexter Manley, former OSU and NFL player, spent four years in Stillwater, graduated from OSU and still could not read and write. 

You would think the program, with its very own Sports Illustrated expose’ outlining the program’s academic fraud, would do a better job of covering these things up.  It sounds like the NCAA investigators are not as inept as the local media have made them out to be.  Possibly there really was something to the SI story about tutors doing class work for football players and players attending classes disguised as empty desks.  Is it possible student tutors aren’t any smarter than the players themselves?  After all, these students come from the same gene pool. 

Fortunately for OU fans, the media whitewash will only make matters worse.  In the end, the possibility there is more cesspool evidence lurking below the surface here becomes more and more possible.  The OSU beat writer for the Oklahoman is not doing OSU any favors by discounting the APR scandal.   OSU is the only power conference football team to be penalized.   The media should call a spade a spade, but of course this would offend a third of their market.  As long as the media continues to give OSU a pass on these issues, OSU will continue to operate as an outlaw school. 

There is a silver lining for both OU and OSU fans here.  OSU fans can stop worrying about Mike Gundy leaving for another program.  Unless Appalachian State or Saint Mary’s of the Plains come calling, he will retire in Stillwater, his Yankees team.   No legitimate college president will touch this guy.  These guys pride themselves on academia as much as football.   Gundy will be like tainted meat to these guys.

For OU fans, OSU will be stuck with Gundy for the foreseeable future which has to be a good thing given his track record against the Sooners.  In case you missed this tidbit, Gundy is 1-12 as a player and coach against the Sooners.  It will take a lot more than a cute locker room dance to allow Gundy, the favorite son of OSU football, to create an edge over the Sooners now.  With so much bad press, Gundy has lost his momentum and his best days at OSU are behind him.

Don’t get me wrong OSU will still get their share of special needs players that will find their way to the NFL, but not enough to overcome the Sooners.  Like I said before, you can’t make this stuff up.    Eventually, the academic cesspool will bite Mike Gundy and OSU in the recruiting butt.

Below is the black and white reality of the OSU APR ranking.   The Cowboys rank #12 and dead last in the Big 12 and # 63 and dead last among all power conference teams.  This is ugly.  I have also included some conference APR information.

Big 12…

  1. K-State (968) 
  2. OU (965)                   
  3. Kansas            (959) 
  4. Baylor (957)  
  5. Iowa State (948)       
  6. Texas (947)               
  7. TCU (945)                 
  8. West Va. (942)          
  9. Texas Tech (932)
  10. OSU (929)  


1-62 Power Conferences

    63 OSU



APR rankings by conference (OSU drags down the conference)


  • Big Ten: 964.9
  • ACC:  966.8
  • SEC:  960.8
  • PAC 12:  957.3
  • Big 12:  949.2




Note: So much for the argument of some that the SEC is stronger in football than the Big 12 due to lower academic standards.  Thanks OSU…















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