Breaking News out of Stillwater = OSU moves up signing date…

John Helsley, OSU beat writer for the Oklahoman wrote recently that OSU had already signed five blue chip players to letters of intent.   He went on to report that the Cowboys were kicking butt on the recruiting trail and were on the way to a top ten class.   Of course I was upset that I had missed the memo from the NCAA changing the signing date. 

Either Helsley miss-spoke or is as dumb as Mudd or both.  Granted the Cowboys have secured the commitments of a couple of high profile prospects, but commitments are a long way from signings.    Five star running back Robert Jones is the real deal.   He is a top 50 nationally ranked running back out of McKinney, TX.    Additionally, Jaylon Lane, a four star recruit out of Nacogdoches is another solid pick-up for the Cowboys.  

Unfortunately for the Cowboy faithful, it is still just June and in spite of Helsley’s assertion the real signing date is still eight months away.   One must wonder what the rush is here as the Cowboy mouth-piece appears particularly anxious to lock up these two guys for the Cowboys early.   Is it possible that rumors have emerged that Robert Jones may be looking around and that Jaylon Lane’s really wants to be a Sooner or is there more bad news on the horizon. 

Regardless of the motive, teenage minds being what they are, it may more necessary than normal for OSU to wrap up high profile recruits as early as possible this year.   With all the bad news coming of out Stillwater these days and possibly with more on the way, OSU coaches will want to get their recruiting class in the barn as early as possible. 

Signing these guys to letters of intent early would be great for OSU, but unfortunately or fortunately things don’t work that way.  This is exactly why the NCAA should not consider an early signing period.  Allowing high school players an opportunity to change their minds after a closer examination of a football program is important.  Three months ago, Jones and Lane would not have known about the embarrassing API score that will cause the Cowboys to lose practice time this year or the latest Gangsta U. felony.  

Highly recruited Devon Thomas out of Broken Arrow has been charged with two counts of armed robbery and one count of shooting with the intent to kill in a recent drug deal gone bad.    Normally, OSU officials do a nice job of keeping their gangsters out of Logan County lock-up.   In this case, Thomas was out on parole in his home town of Tulsa when he decided to change one orange jump suit for another.   

As Devon Thomas joins Gangsta U’s alumni Perrish Cox, Justin Blackman, and Dez Bryant on the America’s Most Wanted list, the Cowboys must be sweating their early commitments.   If they had signed these guys to letters of intent as suggested by Helsely the possibility of losing the nucleus of their 2015 recruiting class would not be an issue. 

The Cowboys must now hope that the bad news coming out of Stillwater this spring has abated and that the Cowboy can recapture their momentum on the recruiting trail.   Unfortunately, for Gangsta U. fans I suspect that the bad news out of Stillwater is not over.   We are still waiting for the results of the internal investigation out of OSU related to the Sports Illustrated expose’.   While a whitewash of sorts is expected, it can be assumed that OSU cannot afford to come completely clean on these charges and I suggest at least some self-imposed penalties are coming..  Appeasing the NCAA will come at a cost.   

Regardless, bad news is bad news and any amount of bad news on this subject would be a third strike in a string of bad news this spring.  At some point the moms and dads of previously committed high school prospects will begin rethinking their commitments to OSU. 

In the meantime, let’s take a look at recruiting rankings for this week.  The first list was the one presented by John Helsely and the second comes to us from

  • Helsleys’s rankings…
  1. OSU
  2. Texas
  3. Texas Tech
  4. Rest of Big 12…
  • rankings as of 6/8/14… 
  •  Big 12 Ranking… The first number in parenthesis is the is the national ranking for each team.   The second number in parenthesis is the number of early commitments for each team. 
  1. (8) Texas (10)
  2. (18) West Virginia (10)
  3. (20) Baylor (11)
  4. (23) TCU (12)
  5. (26) Texas Tech (7)
  6. (27) OU (6)
  7. (36) OSU (5)
  8. (83) Kansas State (2)
  9. (89) Kansas (1)
  10. (93) Iowa State (1)   



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