Bouncing Back…

If you live long enough it will become apparent that some things are just not meant to be… For me I gave up on being 6’3” some time ago.   For OU fans the K-State game was one of those times.    From the rooster kickoff on an unseasonably hot Autumn day that benefited K-State to Trevor’s Knight’s out of character pick-six to Michael Hunnicut’s unbelievable botched field goal, the day was out of synch from the get go…

Don’t get me wrong K-State is a good team that is coached by a maestro who knows how to make lemonade out of junior college lemons, but that game should never have been close.   From the beginning it felt like the Sooners were swimming upstream as the Snyder slowed the game to a crawl and allowed his one-dimensional quarterback to make just enough plays to win the game.  His plan worked to perfection on that day as the Wildcats hung around just long enough to eke out a win.

This past weekend as I watched kicker after kicker hit chip-shot fields I was reminded of the Michael Hunnicutt miss. Adding salt to the wound was the fact that statistically that a field goal attempt of less than 20 yards is missed only 10% of the time.  Adding to this mysterious game was the bizarre fact that at the most critical point of the game both Aaron Ripkowski and Blake Bell were on the bench.    That was crazy, weird stuff…

Not understanding the craziness of the day, the OU coaching played that last series for a field goal instead of going for the dagger and OU fans paid the price for their miscalculation.   With the blocked PAT still dancing in his head, Hunnicutt hooked the easiest field goal attempt he will ever attempt.

In any case, as they say, it is what it is and OU fans who have seen have seen this movie before must must gird their loins and move forward.   Taking advantage of what OU did right on this craziest of days the Sooners must now go to Ames and kick some Cyclone butt.  Keep in mind that we faced this same scenario heading into Manhattan last year.  Things worked out pretty well for the Sooners then and they will work out this time as well.

On the upside, Trevor Knight is finally coming around and Cody Thomas appears to be developing into a quality back-up. Michiah Quick and Austin Bennett are beginning to see the field and will become difference makers, Blake Bell is on the cusp of becoming a big-time tight end and the running game will get a boost when Keith Ford returns.  Also keep in mind that things could be a lot worse.  The Vo-Ag School in Stillwater may not win again this year.

Most importantly, the schedule is in the process of turning around for the Sooners. OU has already played the conference’s best teams in K-State, TCU and West Virginia.  Now the Sooners will get face the league’s worst teams Iowa State, Kansas, Texas Tech and OSU in that order.  Add the overrated Baylor Bears to this lineup and you have five game winning streak to end the season.

OU will use the off weak to heal up and coach the players up for the end of season run.   OU will run the table at the end of the season, beat up on a slow-footed Big Ten team in a bowl game and end up having another 11-2 season.  Fair weather fans who may have jumped off the Sooner Schooner will be back as happier days will be here again.

One last tidbit of information that may or may not help your mind-set… It is time for OU and Big 12 fans to accept the fact that the SEC monster will not go away with the playoff system. With its powerful RPI and its championship game, the SEC is likely land two teams in the Final Four tournament.   An undefeated Florida State and either a one-loss Oregon team or a one-loss Big Ten team will fill out the dance card.  In other words an OU win over K-State would not have gotten us to the Promised Land this year.

At the same time hope breeds eternal as Sooner fans can relax, root for an 11-2 season and pray that the SEC monster will eventually weaken its grip on the rest of college football. With DGB and Joe Mixon and a slew of new recruits in the fold for 2015, the Sooners will make a legitimate run at the top rung next year.

Boomer Sooner…

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