Baseball/softball aftermath…

The good news is the softball team is coached by Patti Gasso and that the team made it to the super-regional for what seems like the hundredth year in a row.  The bad news is that the team was sent to backwoods Alabama.

The Sooners played incredibly well in the first game as the team made a dramatic comeback to steal a win.  Alabama with its home court advantage was not about to let that happen again as the Tide took two from the Sooners on Saturday by hook and by crook.

Don’t kid yourself the series was decided in the first inning of Saturday’s second game when OU could have taken charge of the game.  Instead the female umpire had other ideas.  Under pressure from redneck Bama fans and the Alabama coach, she broadened the strike zone and snuffed out the Sooner rally.

The Sooners eventually recovered to take the lead, but the deed was done.  With the OU freshman pitcher throwing over 300 pitches in two days, having a lead early would have made all the difference in the world.   Even with all-world Lauren Chamberlain doing everything possible to carry the Sooners to victory, outsiders are not allowed to win in Alabama.  OU’s freshman pitcher eventually tired and the rest was history.

Patti Gasso is a great coach and I would love to see her coaching the baseball team, but not developing a second pitcher was her undoing.   Win game one with your ace, take your chances with your number two in game two and come back with your ace in game three.  In any case the Sooners had a great year and will be back next year.

As for baseball, this team is so predictable it hurts; A blog on this bunch can write itself.   On script, the team beat a hapless K-State team in the Big 12 tournament only to lose to OSU for the fourth time this year.  The good news is that OU’s worst athletic team is apparently done for the year.

Of course there will always be next year…Wait a minute that’s an Aggie line, so never mind about that…At least we know softball will be back next year for another run to a super regional…

 Boomer Sooner…

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