History lesson…  

An office colleague chided me after last year’s OU loss to OSU about OU fans living in the past.  You know the line about OU fans and the History Channel.  Realizing as I did that the closest thing an OSU fan gets to real history is a comic book, I let it go…

Unfortunately, she may not remember that back in the day, OSU actually had some history to brag about.  Of course that history was written back in the pre-Boone days.  At one time OSU led the nation in the number of team National Championships.

Granted those numbers were swelled by the non-revenue sports of wrestling (34) and golf (10) but still  Aggie hearts were warmed year round by these numbers…These facts provided OSU fans a great comeback when OU fans would goat over the dominance of the Sooner football.   After T. Boone bought the University and took over the athletic department the sports program in Stillwater has gone south.  Only the Cross Country and Women’s Equestrian teams remain competitive nationally today.

While many OU fans would love to see T. Boone go away, I suggest that T. Boone may have been the best and the worst thing that has happened to both OU and OSU over the past ten years.  Arguably by OSU standards, Pickens’ football wish has come true, but the rest of the OSU athletic program has gone into the toilet.

On the other hand OU football continues to be potent while the rest of the OU athletic program gets stronger by the day.  An OSU athletic program that once bragged about national championships is pressed to bring home a state championship in any sport in today’s world.

Yes, baseball was down a bit this year, but I don’t expect Joe C. to allow that situation to go on forever.   Once baseball gets it act together, the Sooners will have a clean sweep over OSU.

I believe 2015-16 will be a great year for the Sooners…

Boomer Sooner…

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