Worst 5-0 team in America…

For my OSU-hating friends, your day will come…OSU has beaten the # 122 and # 119 ranked D-I teams and a high school team from Arkansas. Then they go into Texas and eke out a win against the worst Texas Longhorn team in the history of the school and then use a late field goal to beat a very average K-State team that was down to its fifth string quarterback.

Of course office Aggies will be throwing out their chests this week, as if they had really done something. Remind them that the quarterback they beat on Saturday last threw a touchdown pass in junior high.

This league is even more bottom heavy than normal as both K-State and Texas should be thankful that the Big 12 Conference has K-U and ISU in its league. This may allow these teams avoid the cellar.   Just the same the worst 5-0 team in America beat Texas and K-State by a combined five points.

The bottom line is this…While OSU is 5-0 will be ranked in the top 20 for one more week, Aggie-haters can relax.   The wheels are about to come off the Ag-Mobile…Once, they start going south, they will go south in a hurry…For my money, I believe this will happen next week at Morgantown…

Yes, OSU will be favored because of their record, but this won’t matter as Dana Holgorsen knows how to beat Mike Gundy. He did it when he was at Houston and he did it last year in Stillwater. He’ll do it again in Morgantown…

Once the wheels come off, the Ags will be on that slippery slope once again. After the Pokes return to Stillwater to beat the helpless Jayhawks, they will go 0-5 the rest of the way…My favorite will be TCU at home where the Ags will get lit up by the Frogs.

Aggie lovers enjoy your time in the sun because the grim reaper is warming up …

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