Just like last year, Bob Stoops has saved the coaching career of a Big 12 rival. Charlie with Texas and Mike with OSU were on the ropes until Bob stepped in to resuscitate them back to life. Actually, now that I think about it, Bob tried to save Mack’s job two years ago, but Mack was too far gone.

Of course we should have seen this one coming. Two years ago, we were double digit favorites to Texas and got hammered. Same thing happened yesterday as the Sooners came out flat and never recovered. Both Baker Mayfield and Lincoln Riley were strangers to the Red River Rivalry and both seemed shell-shocked. The defense thought it was a flag football game.

Of course in the end it came down to the one holdover from last year’s staff having no answers for what Texas was doing on offense. Mike Stoops must the dumbest human on the planet and why he is still employed by the University of Oklahoma is beyond me.

Mix in Bob Stoops, the most boring man on the planet and you have a formula for what happened on Saturday.   Unmotivated and unprepared the Sooners entered the Cotton Bowl to face a very average Texas team and came out embarrassed.   Occasionally, a player will save the day for Bob like Baker did at Tennessee or Trevor against Alabama, but OU fans have become accustomed to at least one of these unexpected letdowns under Bob Stoops every year.

While expecting a final four run in 2015 was pipe dream, it was a dream and now those thoughts are out the window.   Once again, we will have to settle for good and not great…This has become the Bob Stoops mantra in recent years.

Don’t get me wrong, I am starting a bust Bob campaign. I am convinced that Bob is not going anywhere until David Boren retires so I am not going to waste my energy on that movement. Instead I want to suggest a survival plan that will allow me and others to move forward. Here is the plan…

OU fans who crave national championships should pressure OU donors to convince David Boren to think long term. Those long term plans should include an exit strategy for Bob Stoops.  We don’t want a repeat of the Barry Switzer/Schnellenberger-Blake episode.

Bob Stoops is a good coach who will continue to make OU competitive at least on a local level for several more years, but winning a national championship under Bob is not in our future. Creating a smooth transition from Bob to the next guy, a coach who can make a national championship happen should be the long term approach of school officials.

Over the short term, OU fans can expect to see more of Bob Stoops’ hospitality to rival coaches. While frustrating to OU fans, it is what it is….

At the same time having a transition plan in place to fix the problem will make these short term issues easier to deal with.

Boomer Sooner…

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