It’s Deja vu all over again…

This may not be a real Yogi Berra quote, but it sounds like it ought to be a Yogism.   In honor of Yogi who passed away recently, I am designating this Saturday’s game at K-State as a “Deja vu all over again” game…

Just two years ago, OU went into the Red River Rivalry as a double digit favorite only to come out flat and lose to the Horns. The 2013 OU season was on the line that year as the Sooners faced K-State in Manhattan.   The Sooners won at Manhattan, finished 10-2 and beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Here we go again as OU; a double digit favorite came out flat, were embarrassed in Dallas last Saturday and yes K-State is on the horizon. Once again the Sooner season hangs in the balance.  The difference between a possible 10-2 season and a probable 8-5 season will depend on the outcome of this game.

Having recovered from last weekend’s debacle and having climbed back onto the Sooner Schooner, I believe the Sooners will have a repeat performance in Manhattan this Saturday. The Sooners will come out of Manhattan with a win, go 8-1 heading into Waco and go bowling on New Year’s Day.

While this may be seen like wishful thinking on my part, I believe that for the good of the program this has to happen.   To lose in Manhattan and go 8-5 again could be devastating.  This could put the program back five years.

Just as importantly for those Sooner fans believing that another 8-5 season might bring about a coaching change, an 8-5 season would also include a loss to OSU. This would likely shift the in-state balance of power to the north for years to come.

Keep in mind that regardless of this season’s record Bob Stoops is not going anywhere. Additionally, regardless of this season’s record, an OU exit plan for Mike Stoops is likely in the works.

Finally, keep in mind that one of these days Bob will hang it up. When he does we will need a cupboard full of four and five star athletes.   The next guy, regardless of who that is, will need a bigger and better stadium, not to mention bigger and better players.  That will not happen with an 8-5 season,

The real season starts this Saturday…

Boomer Sooner…


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