Reality check…

Okay, I realize that most of you have blotted the Texas chainsaw massacre from your memory banks, but just in case you have not, indulge me for one more thought about that game.

Granted we were ill-prepared and unemotional, but is it also possible that we were also overrated. Stay with me on this one…

After all, we had beaten Akron, Tulsa, and West Virginia all of which have been since exposed as fairly weak opponents. Yes, we did beat a good Tennessee team, but looking back, the Tennessee win may have been overrated as well.

I think what made the Texas loss hard to take is the fact that all of us got caught off guard. As Sooner fans, it is our job to drink the Crimson colored Kool-Aide and we are good at it. We want so badly to believe that Sooner football is back.  The truth of the matter is that getting back to where we once were will not happen overnight.

In reality we had a young team with an inexperienced offensive line and a quarterback who had started four games at OU, three of them within the cozy confines of Memorial Stadium.

We all probably needed a reality check and we got one in Dallas.   As we put that game in our rear view mirror, we will better understand and appreciate what happens next.

Remember these players were developed by the old coaching staff and those bad habits will not be broken overnight. Also, remember that it was only three years ago that OU leaders sat on their hands while the Big 12 imploded.  In this business, three years is like three decades in terms of missed recruiting opportunities.

Even with the Texas loss, we are still ahead of schedule with our reclamation project.   The key will be to finish strong this year, line up recruits for next year and set our sights on 2016.   The K-State win gives us a legitimate shot at a 10-2 regular season, a bowl win and a great offseason.

Next year with the conference schedule turning over and Ohio State coming to town, the Sooners will be positioned for a run at a National Championship…

Of course first things first… The Sooners still have a lot to play for this year.

Boomer Sooner…

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