The game must go on….

What happened in Stillwater last Saturday morning was a bad as it gets…Four lives tragically lost during the homecoming parade.

While we debate why a driver ran through a barricade at the OSU homecoming parade and into the parade crowd, I must also ponder why the game went on…

Granted at least 30,000 OSU fans had rolled into town to see the game and yes, the Fox News production team was in town to cover the game, but sometimes football needs to take a back seat to common decency.

I can assure you that most of those fans could find their way back to OKC or Tulsa and then find their way back to Stillwater later in the season. Games are postponed all the time or in some cases moved to a different venue.

Just this month, South Carolina moved its home game from Colombia to Baton Rouge due to flooding in the Palmetto State. Moving that game to LSU cost the Gamecock athletic department $7 million dollars, dollars.  Of course OSU would not have lost that money with a postponed game, but you see my point.

South Carolina took the high road while OSU officials punted…Moving the game to Dec. 5th would have worked.   What gives with OSU…

Simply put, what gives with OSU is their obsession to win at all costs and yes, to beat OU. OSU fans led by the amoral T. Boone Pickens want to become the premier football program in the state, come hell or high water.

I suspect that the decision to play Saturday’s game was never discussed by OSU officials. Possibly, T. Boone may have taken an early flight back to Dallas or possibly he passed up the KU game altogether realizing that it would be a blow out.

Regardless the OSU officials knew better than to call him about postponing the game realizing ahead of time what his answer would be.   Hell no…….stuff happens, the game must go on…

The Pokes are on a row right now, having won six games in a row prior to Kanas. Maintaining this momentum at a critical point in the season might derail the OSU/T. Boone cause.

T. Boone knew full well that not playing the game on Saturday would have meant that the Cowboys would roll into next Saturday’s critical game against Texas Tech with a three week layoff. That would never do…The game had to go on…

It’s sad to say that OSU will likely win in Lubbock next Saturday and as a result will move to 8-0 for the year. More importantly for T. Boone and OSU fans the Cowboys will be poised for a legitimate shot at the Big 12’s big boys…

In the end, OSU will likely hold a memorial service to honor those lives lost on Saturday. I believe it would be fitting to hold a second memorial service to honor the loss of common decency.

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