The good news is that Baylor beat K-State 31-24 Thursday night…Thug U stays unbeaten and in the thick of the National Championship hunt. The win also sets up a huge game for the Sooners in Waco next Saturday night.

ESPN’s announcement that Game Day would be in town makes this event the biggest thing to hit Waco since the Branch Davidians. Let’s hope things turn out better for the Sooners than that deal did…

While it has become increasingly hard to root for Baylor these days, a Baylor win last Thursday was a must situation for the Sooners. Additional good news comes in the fact that the Bears beat the hapless Wildcats by a mere touchdown.

Granted, Jarrett Stidham had a nice game at quarterback replacing Seth Russell, but he is still only six months out of high school. In that vein Stidham is still yet to play against a college defense (That mess K-State put out there last Thursday night does not qualify.)  Put a hand in the guy’s face and we shall see what he is made of.

K-State, a team that is about as one dimensional as you can get, provided OU coaches and player’s confidence going into the Baylor game.   Move the ball and in doing so keep the ball away from Baylor.  OU will do that…

Finally, the anemic Big 12 Conference will provide OU with the final winning piece to this puzzle.   OU has had three open dates (also known as Big 12 games) to prepare for these guys…Additionally; the Big 12 has set up Baylor for failure by allowing them to play a high school schedule.  They’ll be introduced to “Man Football” come Saturday night.

With Game Day in town and a national t.v. audience to fire up the natives, the Whacko-Waco crowd will be jacked up…If OU can weather the early storm, I like our chances.

Boomer Sooner…

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