And then there was one…

Who would have believed at the beginning of this season that OSU would be carrying the Big 12 banner.  Not me for sure…I knew their soft non-conference schedule and the home conference schedule would set up the Cowboys for a nice season, but never in my wildest imagination did I believe they could win the league and in doing so save this pitiful conference.

After OSU’s come from behind win over the woeful Cyclones and OU’s win over Baylor, this is where we stand.  With OSU atop the Big 12 selection committee list, it may be up to the Cowboys to bring home the bacon by outdueling Notre Dame for that fourth and final playoff spot.

How you may ask we did get to this lowly point.  First off, we ran off Nebraska, Missouri and Texas A&M.  Then we added a couple of average teams and decided to stand pat at 10.  Then the conference encouraged teams to play three high school teams during their non-conference schedule and then in OSU’s case the conference made sure the Cowboys played the league’s best teams at home.    For a final dose of salt in the wound, the conference made sure the Sooners soften up each opponent the weak before they played OSU.

The good news for the Big 12 office is that it might just work.  I suspect that the CFB selection committee will be hard pressed to rank a one loss Notre Dame team over an undefeated OSU team.   You think that this could not happen, think again…

When was the last time that an OSU team could grab an invitation to a National Championship party by simply by beating Baylor and OU team at home.  Obviously, both OU and Baylor are better than OSU, but then again stranger things have happened.  Remember, this is a game played with an oblong ball.

Regardless of how this deal turns out, T. Boone and David Boren will be ecstatic.  The possible dream game between the two comprehensive universities for all the marbles is within their reach.

I get it…This could  be great news for Oklahoma as a state, but intolerable news bad for of us OU fans who have to live here.  I don’t know about you, but if OSU makes the final four, I may have to uproot my family and move to Alaska.

Call me a sentimentalist, but I really those old Big 8 days of OU, Nebraska and the six dwarfs.

Go Baylor…


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