Go Pokes…

In order to be fair to my OSU friends (both of them), I wanted to put in a good word for OSU.  The Cowboys are in the midst of their best season ever.  Granted they have had a lot of help getting here, but they still deserve our encouragement.

Why you may ask am I being so magnanimous about OSU?   Simply put, we need OSU’s help to get where we want to go.   The Sooners need OSU to beat Baylor…An OSU win will create the game OU will need to spring board itself over Notre Dame regardless of what the Irish do against Stanford.   A win over a one-loss OSU team may not get it done.

With Baylor down to their third string quarterback (sounds familiar huh), the Cowboys will likely grease out another win at home to set up a winner-take-all game against the Sooners.  Don’t get me wrong it is entirely possible that OSU could beat OU, after all with the run of luck they are on this year, Baker Mayfield and Sterling Shepherd may go down this weekend.

If that does not happen and the best team wins the Bedlam game, OU will win the game going away.  I know some may worry about a 12-0 OSU team jumping over the Irish and into the play-offs, but this is the chance we will have to take.  Remember our ultimate goal is to get OU back on the national stage.

For additional encouragement here consider this, if the Cowboys were to beat the Bears and Sooners and jump over Notre Dame, their prize would be a date with an Alabama team with something to play for.   Seeing OSU actually play a good team outside Stillwater and witnessing the blood-fest that that game would create, it might be worth it.

Go Pokes…

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