The gigs up…

Okay the gigs up…I have been exposed…I wasn’t completely truthful in my last post.  You see I really don’t have two OSU friends and yes, I was secretly hoping for an OSU loss Saturday night.   I was actually using reverse psychology by laying out a Bedlam matchup that would best give OU a shot at the final four.  I had to try something because nothing else was working.

Whether it was that the reverse psych approach or OSU’s anemic running game, it worked…For the first time this year, OU won and OSU lost on the same day and all real OU fans were ecstatic.

There was a time when this was a common occurrence, but this year due to OSU greasing out win after win against weak Big 12 opponents, that nugget had alluded OU fans time and time again.  Regardless, the Aggie bubble burst on Saturday night and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Regardless of what happens in Bedlam, the Pokes are not going anywhere…They now have only state pride to play for while the Sooners can still win a National Championship.  Here’s a thought; what if the Sooners make their way into the championship series and get matched up with Clemson.  Some may shudder at that thought, but the same was said about OU against Baylor.

This team is on a mission…Baylor has owned the Sooners the last two years and OU handed it to the Bears in Waco.  I suspect that the Sooner coaching staff would relish a chance to get that same payback opportunity against Clemson after what happened last year.

Only time will tell if that happens, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Stanford will handle the Irish next Saturday night just minutes before the OU/OSU game is concluded.  If OU can take care of the Gags, OU may get another shot at Brent Venables and his Tigers.

One last point…For those who say that recruiting is overrated; Saturday’s TCU game should be proof positive that that is not the case.  The TCU win and a possible run for an 8th National Championship was actually won two years ago when Steven Parker chose OU over a list of suitors including OSU.

Without securing Parker’s letter of intent on sighing day in 2014, TCU wins the game on Saturday; OU with nothing to play for loses to OSU in Stillwater and then goes belly-up once again in its bowl game.  Thanks for becoming a Sooner Steven Parker.

Boomer Sooner…

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