Giving Thanks…

As a kid my favorite holiday was always Thanksgiving…Growing up on a farm birthdays were pretty much uneventful.  Christmas was cool, but nothing like today.

Thanksgiving always seemed a lot more special to me.  Once football joined up with family and food, the race was over, Thanksgiving became Numero Uno.  While I was not a huge Detroit Lions fan, I religiously watched the Lions Thanksgiving day game, just because it was football and it was Thanksgiving.  Eventually, the Thanksgiving night Texas-Texas A&M game joined the t.v. slate and I was really hooked.

Of course for OU fans, the emersion of the OU-Nebraska Thanksgiving Day game put us in Sooner heaven.  Like the Kennedy assassination or 9/11 all Sooner fans remember where they were on November 25, 1971, the day that will live in infamy for Sooner fans.  The game advertised as the “game of the century” lived up to its billing.

As I have said many times that was one of those games that OU won in spite of losing on the scoreboard.  OU under Barry Switzer dominated college football for years after that game.  In spite of losing the game, the Sooners ended the season ranked #2 in the AP poll with fellow conference teams Nebraska #1 and Colorado #3.

Again tomorrow I will be feasting with family as I sit in front of the tube.  Times have changed over the years as today’s t.v. market will support 53 games over the next three days.  While I must admit having one game was special I am not going to complain.

Okay, enough nostalgia…Bottom line is this… I love Thanksgiving because of the football reason, I also love Thanksgiving because it allows me to unabashedly give thanks for family, friends and all God’s blessings.

Have a great Thanksgiving Sooner fans.


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