Sooner Magic…

I wrote this blog last night when Iowa went up 13-6 on Michigan State…and then I revised it after Michigan State drove the length of the field in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter for the win…Regardless of the winner of that game, I fully expected the Big Ten Champion to jump over the Sooners in the CFB rankings.

While OU fans will rail about the injustice of the Selection Committee process, this will end up being a very good thing for the Sooners.    Take off your Crimson Cream colored glasses for a moment and think about this…

First off, take OU out of the mix and the Big 12 as a football conference was average-at-best this year… OU beat the league’s 2nd place team (OSU) by five touchdowns on the road no less.  After the Baylor debacle at the end of season, there was a lot of separation between OU and the rest of the league.

The Big 12 will have only one team (Oklahoma) ranked in the top ten while the Big Ten will have three. The fact that OU set idle last weekend pretty much sealed the deal for the Sooners to be ranked #4.  The round-robin, no championship game was good for OU, but probably cost us a #3 seed.

However, don’t despair OU fans…This is just what the doctor ordered.  This is Sooner Magic personified….

OU does not want anything to do with an Alabama team with revenge on its mind until the National Championship game.  OU with revenge on its mind does want to play Clemson in the first round.

Love him or hate him, Mike Stoops has been dreaming of the day he would get a do-over against his nemesis Brent Venables.  This OU team with something to play for and a new cast of characters will kick the dog out of Clemson this time around.

Boomer Sooner…



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