The ultimate trap game…

Was I surprised that the Sooner defense did not show up on Saturday, yes…Was I shocked that the Sooners lost to Houston, no…

The last time Houston had played a game was their butt-kicking of Florida State. The last time OU had hit the field was its butt-kicking by Clemson.  Same two teams with two major exceptions.  OU lost it’s go-to wide receiver, Sterling Shepherd and Houston had added its NFL-prototype defensive tackle Ed Oliver.

Add this to what has to be described as the perfect trap game scenario and you have what we saw transpire on Saturday.

How to build a trap game…

1…Take out Shepherd on one side and add Oliver on the other…

2…Play a team on the road that wants to play with the big boys in a big boy league.

3…Play that game in front of 70,000 maniacal fans…

4…Play that game against a team comprised of Texas high school talent.

5…Play that game against one of the most respected young coaches in America.

6…Make the game your season opener…There is a reason that traditional power-house programs play cupcakes in their openers…Sometimes our arrogance gets the best of us…

7…Put OU on your jersey for the game which is akin to putting a target on your back for all opposing teams.

8…For good measure create a ten-point same play turnaround in the middle of the 3rd quarter of a tight game.

There you have it…you have built yourself the perfect trap game.

Okay, OU fans, here’s the good news…

  • College football plays a 12 game schedule…Plenty of time to get back in the national championship race.
  • Houston is a very good team that will not lose in 2016. That fact should not be lost on OU fans. As they rise in the polls, so will OU.
  • The Pac 12 apparently is intent once again on taking themselves out of the final-four race. This will leave room for a one loss Big 12 team.
  • The best news is that we play Ohio State in two weeks. This team will improve exponentially between now and then.  A win over Ohio State will put us back in the championship series picture and help us erase he memories of yesterday’s perfect trap game.

Boomer Sooner…



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