I bet T. Boone is pissed…

Back in the day T. Boone Pickens made his first billion putting families out of work.  As a corporate raider he would fly into town, buy out a plant with its aging workforce, shut it down and then open it up a month later as a non-union shop.

The workers many of whom had dedicated their lives to the plant were told on Monday they would be out of work on Friday. Once T. Boone set his sights on a takeover, he would let nothing stand in his way. Hell hath no fury like a T. Boone in quest of an ego-driven goal.

A few years back as an aging billionaire, he realized that it would take him several lifetimes to spend all his money so he decided to buy a sports franchise to satisfy his greed. The Dallas Cowboys were not on the market so he went north of the border to pick up the OSU Cowboys.  Three quarters of a billion dollars later he is in complete control of OSU and its football program.

I can only imagine the disgust the Booner must have felt on Saturday. While OSU has little chance to appeal the loss, you can be assured that someone will pay.

First off, I suspect he will go after the officiating crew who allowed an extra play that led to the Hail Mary touchdown. Unfortunately, college officials are not like the guys in the pros so security staffs do not go with the job.  Additionally, college officials work as part time officials with day jobs during the week which makes them even more vulnerable.

If I were these guys I would be watching my back.………. I do suspect that the Booner will be more subtle in his payback choosing to fall back on his time-proven corporate raider skills.   I can see the ego-maniac buying out the places of employment for these guys.   He will then lay off the entire staff, ensuring that the referees in question gets the axe. Yes, it may take five takeovers to get the job done, but the more the merrier for the Booner.

Next, if I were Mike Gundy, I would be dusting off that resume again. After all he serves at the mercy of T. Boone.  As the university’s Owner and CEO, T. Boone hired him, pays his $4-million-dollar yearly salary and he can give Mike the boot at any time.  T. Boone knows that while the officiating crew may have been ill-prepared so were the Cowboys.

The truth of the matter is that OSU was beaten in every phase of the game by a middle of the pack mid-major team. You and I could have rushed for more yards against the Chippewas  than OSU did.  I am not sure that this OSU team can make a rushing first down against a very good Pittsburgh defense.

If things don’t improve in a hurry, I could see this Stillwater bunch losing the next three games, two of which will be home. If that happens, expect a lot more OSU fans to show up disguised as empty seats.

As I know from personal history, T. Boone is not accustomed to being denied his ego-driven mission.   A couple more of these stink bombs and heads will roll in Agwater.

Stay tuned…


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