Ugly football…

That was one ugly demonstration of OU football that we witnessed last night…From the two-hour rain delay that should have lasted thirty minutes to the missed field goal, to Groundhog Day touchdowns in the corner of the end zone day to the mass exodus of OU fans to Campus Corner, that was just about as ugly as it gets…The good news is that it can’t get any worse than that…or then again, can it…

This OU team is looking down the barrel of a possible 1-4 start, something we have not seen in Norman since the John Blake days.

As might be expected, the OU message boards were lit up  before the final gun with fans wanted heads to roll…My question when this happens is to ask whose head and how exactly do they expect this to happen.

Granted, sending Mike Stoops to Stillwater would be a nice move, but if you think that Bob is going to fire his brother, you have been smoking some seriously strong stuff. Then. some will say we should get rid of Bob Stoops, but if you believe that David Boren would get rid of his man-crush, you are smoking some even stronger stuff.

Basically, OU is between a rock and a hard place. Getting rid of Bob Stoops is not the answer as only an Ohio State or Alabama can replace a head coach with an Urban Meyer or Nick Sabin.  OU officials would insist on staying within the OU family and hiring one of numb-nuts on the current staff.  This is just what OU does.

At this point we are stuck with circling the wagons and finding a way to beat TCU and Texas…While this will not be a small task, I do have some good news…For the rest of the regular season, we will be playing teams who have what we have; Big 12 athletes.

Finally, we will be playing on a level playing field.   Now, instead of playing a Clemson or an Ohio State with 5 star studs, we will be playing teams with three star players…You think recruiting does not matter, watch a replay of those two games.

I know I should hammer Baker who had his worst game as a Sooner or the defensive backs who couldn’t cover squat or Austin Seibert who can’t make a critical field goal to save his life or even God for creating a two-hour rain delay. Instead I believe I will blame OU’s leadership.

That’s right, I blame David Boren for choosing to stay pat in the Big 12 Conference when the rest of the football world was improving their situations. Louisville, A&M, Nebraska and Arkansas are each 3-0 while we stand at 1-2.

I also blame Joe Castiglione for scheduling Ohio State.  Asking our high school-type players to compete with a bunch of NFL-type athletes should be illegal.   Urban Meyer simply reloads every year.  Last year he sent 16 players to the NFL.  This year’s bunch will do the same.  We need to find a way to buy out the contract to play in Columbus next year.  We can site the cruel and unusual punishment clause.  Anyone who saw that blood-letting last night would buy that one.

Finally, the Boren and Castiglione solution to the talent dearth in Norman is to stick with their current hand in the weakest league in America.   If my current expansion fears come true, the Big 12 masterminds will add a Colorado State and Cincinnati to the conference for next year.  Wow, don’t those names knock your socks off.  Blue chip players simply will not play for teams in inferior conferences…

The bottom line is this…we have seen what standing pat has done for us…It allows us to compete for Big 12 championships and get pillaged by the SEC runner up in the Sugar Bowl. Or, we can try something different, a move that might possibly allow us to recruit 5 star recruits again.

Bob Stoops will never win another National Championship with the players he has been bringing to Norman recently…He must simply surround himself with a talent pool that will overcome his coaching liabilities.

We will not compete in today’s big-boy football with Big 12-type players…We need to take a bold step that will allow us to attract SEC-type player, whatever that takes…

Boomer Sooner…


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