Whoa Nelly…

Whoa Nelly was the signature call of Keith Jackson, the Saturday football play by play guy back in the day…It appears that we can use this term for today’s Big 12 expansion parade as well.

David Boren’s on again, off again take on this mess appears to be off again. I saw David Boren at a recent conference and he looked every bit his 75 years.  I suspect he is losing sleep trying to figure how to save this crumbling conference.

The conference that entered this season trying to find its way, was 11-19 during its non-conference season. Take away the wins over D-II/high school teams and you have a won-loss record one game above .500 of 12-11.  That is pitiful…

One must ask why any legitimate Power Conference team would want to jump on this sinking ship. The Big 12’s answer to returning to respectability appears to be to add two or four teams and a championship game.  Good luck with that….

Here are the latest contenders or as one could say, pretenders…

These teams made the last cut; they are Houston, Cincinnati, USF, UCF, BYU, Rice, Air Force, UConn, SMU, Tulane and Colorado State.  It  is important to keep in mind that a team must get 8 of ten votes from conference schools to get in.

First let’s scratch off Air Force, Rice, SMU, and Tulane.  These guys are only around for academic window dressing.  They don’t have a snowball’s chance.

Call me crazy, but I see BYU with enough internal negatives that at least three presidents will veto their move into the conference.

That leaves six schools that are seriously in the running…Houston, Cincinnati, USF, UCF, UConn, and Colorado State.

In spite of Texas campaigning for Houston to get an invite, I just don’t see it happening…OSU and T. Boone will never let that happen. The Cowboys depend on the Houston area for its recruiting life-blood.  The Pick will call in his TCU marker for picking the Frogs over Louisiville the last time around.  Baylor is in dire need of a friend these days so expect the Bears to side with OSU and TCU.

Next, we have low budget schools like Kansas State, Texas Tech and Iowa State that are just barely keeping their heads above water. These schools cannot afford another gas-guzzler like West Virginia to join the league so UConn is out.

Finally, how do you take one Florida school and not both so these guys are both out.

That leaves…Cincinnati and Colorado State…

That’s right the league that’s sinking faster than a rock will ask Cincinnati and Colorado State to grab the attention of the nation’s football pundits to make us great again.

Okay, now it has dawned on me why David Boren looks like he’s not had a good night sleep in a while. His nightmare is OU in the Big 12 Conference with no apparent hope in sight.













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