Week 8…

You could see it coming…Big 12’s undefeated teams Baylor and West Virginia went down in flames over the weekend. That takes care of the Big 12’s FCS chances for this year.   A conference that only a few short years ago spent a ton of time hosting Game Day has now become a punch line for that show.

Piling on itself, “the powers that be” decided to forgo the two division idea for next year and have decided instead to have the two teams with the best records play each other in the championship game.

That’s right, get ready to see a Bedlam match-up two weeks in a row in 2017. You know I have come to expect this kind of short sightedness out of Oklahoma politicians, but you would think that the other states represented by the conference would be smarter than this.  This bunch reminds me of the drivers of the Titantic who left the life boats back at the beach.

Oh well, possibly the Texas people envision the Horns will finally right the ship in 2017 and create an early and late season rematch with the Sooners.

In any case, that is next year and we still have half a season left in 2016 to see how this season pans out and more importantly how this season will shape this year’s recruiting class.

Yesterday, OU fans had some good news and some bad news.   The bad news is that OSU, Texas and Notre Dame all won.  The good news is that OSU and Texas both won and Notre Dame sucks this year.

The Baylor and West Virginia losses will take the wind out of their sails at a perfect time with OU playing both these teams in November. Additional good news may come with the Texas win.  Inside sources tell me that firing Charlie Strong at Texas is far from a done deal.

First off, Texas boosters are still paying off Mack Brown’s buyout estimated at $7 million dollars.  Next, Charlie Strong’s buy out is $11 million dollars and it would likely cost another $10 million to hire a Tom Herman.   $30 million dollars does not grow on trees, even in Texas.

While it is true that Texas has twenty T. Boone’s in its arsenal, these guys did not become billionaires by throwing away this kind of money. If Texas can scratch out six wins and go bowling I look for boosters to stick with Charlie for one more year which could be good news for Sooner fans down the road.

Now that the league has no unbeaten teams, the ink on the most dismal Big 12 season ever has dried.   Then again, given OU’s current mediocrity, having a bunch of bums on your league schedule could not have come at a better time.

This OU offense is becoming next to unstoppable.   If we get all our injured defenders back this team could still be pretty good.   We could be poised for a typical end of season OU run.

End the season strong and play a good, but not great Florida team in the Sugar Bowl would end the year with a good feeling, particularly in light of how it began.

Boomer Sooner…

Making lemonade out of lemons…

For those of us wanting to see OU break for greener pastures, the Big 12 and David Boren have let us down once again. It became obvious going into last week’s Big Conference meetings that the chances for expansion were slim and none and we were right.

In their defense all the good teams had been picked over and those that were left had flaws that David Boren could not get past.   Then again, expecting any team to get past the 80% super majority rule was silly.  I think the whole thing was a sham schemed to get more money out of the networks.  Now that that is over, we can move on to other things.

Like this….

Back in the day, Bud’s Big 8 was known as Oklahoma and the seven dwarfs.   He parlayed that weak conference into three official National Championships and several other unofficial NC’s.

Barry did the same with the advent of the wishbone as hanging fifty on Big 8 opponents became common place.   With the Big 12 moving to two divisions and a championship game Bob and OU can do the same thing today.  Win our division made up of a bunch of weak Big 8 schools and then beat Texas for a second time in the conference championship game.

The Big 12 conference may suck, but any power conference that finishes the year with one or fewer losses and wins its conference championship game will make the National Championship Series.

Playing Nebraska at the end of the year again would have been fun, but winning National Championships can be even more fun…

Here is OU’s template for overcoming the Big 12 Conference malaise and turning lemons into lemonade.

  1. Finish 2016 strong with 5 wins and a strong performance in the Sugar Bowl.
  2. Convince current players to return for their senior seasons and a National Championship run. Get out that check book for insurance policies if needed…
  3. Hold onto the top five recruiting class that OU has coming in for next year.
  4. Win two of three non-conference games in 2017…
  5. Beat Texas in the Red River Shootout and run the Big 12 table.
  6. For credibility’s sake, root for Texas to win the south division and enter the championship game with only one loss.
  7. Beat Texas for a second time in the Big 12 championship game.
  8. Use the championship game and a strong finish to get the #2 seed in the NCS.
  9. Believe that beating a team three times in a row cannot happen as OU beats Ohio State for OU’s 8th National Championship.

I know this may sound insane, but so was beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl two years ago and Tennessee in Knoxville last year.  Sooner Magic can conjure some crazy stuff…

Boomer Sooner…











 Boone reminds me of a kid who wants a toy because all the other kids have one or a rich guy with more money than sense. In any case, he has outdone himself this time.

OSU did not have football National Championship like its big brother in Norman so T. Boone went out and bought himself one. That’s right, word leaked out from the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) headquarters in Waco, Texas that this organization was intent on rewarding National Championships retroactively for the years prior to 1950.

That word conveniently found its way to T. Boone’s Dallas headquarters and just as conveniently a check from an unknown OSU donor made its way to the AFCA. Then lo and behold OSU’s 1945 football team made its way onto the list of newly installed National Champions.

Before slitting their wrists OU fans should take a breath and remember who we are…and who they are…I have found over the years that the best way to handle these clowns is to ignore them. They won’t go away, but they will not enjoy the gratification of getting under your skin.  If they insist on pushing the envelope, you can hit them with the facts which have been outlawed in Logan County.  This will really knock them off their game.

Fact one…The 1945 OSU team pales in comparison to one of the greatest college football teams in the history of the game.   Because pro football had not been invented the professional teams of that day were the Service Academies.  Army was ranked #1 with the Naval Academy #2.  Heisman trophy winner Doc Blanchard and his Black Knights simply dominated college football that year.

The Cadets outscored their opponents 412 to 46. Those opponents included four teams ranked in the top ten.  Army beat those top ten opponents by a combined score of 159-20.

By comparison, the Oklahoma A&M Aggies were kicking butt in the Missouri Valley Conference. They beat up on the likes of Tulsa, Wichita State, Drake and Saint Louis and then topped this off with a win over St. Mary’s of California in its bowl game.  That’s right that is the same St. Mary’s that I make fun of all the time…Four of these schools have since drop football and the other one keeps it as an intramural sport.

Comparing the ’45 OSU team to the great ’45 Army team is laughable.

Adding insult to injury for OSU is the fact that the AFCA is simply a mom and pop organization with nothing better to do than provide jobs for Waco Whackos. If we were to count the National Championships selected by various groups, the list would be endless.  Yale would have 26, Princeton 23, Alabama 20, Harvard 12, Michigan 11, Pittsburgh 9, etc…You get my point.  By the way, OU could claim 16 if you used T. Boone’s system.

Okay, OU fans there you have it…The making of a National Championship by T. Boone Pickens…This week when those Aggies come strutting their stuff wearing their new National Championship t-shirts, let them have their day. The only thing more embarrassing than an Aggie touting this line of B.S. would an OU fan who gave a rip.

Boomer Sooner…

P.S. The following is the list of OU’s National Champions in case, the OSU dimwit won’t let it go…


College Football by John Sayle Waterson   & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_football_national_championships_in_NCAA_Division_I_FBS


1915 Benny Owen

1949 Bud Wilkinson

1950 Bud Wilkinson

1953 Bud Wilkinson

1955 Bud Wilkinson

1956 Bud Wilkinson

1957 Bud Wilkinson

1967 Chuck Fairbanks

1973 Barry Switzer

1974 Barry Switzer

1975 Barry Switzer

1978 Barry Switzer

1980 Barry Switzer

1985 Barry Switzer

1986 Barry Switzer

2000 Bob Stoops





First thing I hate being politically correct about this game…it is not the Red River Rivalry that no one can say three times in a row, it is either the shoot out or OU-Texas…

Secondly, I blame my generation for falling so far behind in the series. Losing 12 of 13 back in the day put us behind the 8 ball in the series which now stands at 61-45-5.   With the exception of the limited OU-Notre Dame series, only Texas can make this boast against OU.

I have the solution this problem as well. Over the last twenty years OU has won two of every three games against Texas.  If we can keep this up I estimate that by the year 2055, we will pull ahead at 78-77-5. You may ask why do I care……Remember this is OU-Texas and that Texas sucks…

Now on to the game and my rant about the Big 12. Can these egg-heads not get anything right…Where did they find those clowns disguised as officials.  They must go down to the local bus station and commandeer the first five guys that get off the bus, dress them up and send them over to the stadium to call a Big 12 game.

I won’t bore you with replaying the facts, but these guys single-handedly kept Texas in the game. If it hadn’t been for those bozos that game would been over at half.

As for this year’s OU-Texas, I know the game had every OU fan gasping for breath to the bitter end as our defense could not stop air, but then again it was a win and yes, it was Texas…Keep in mind that Texas always plays its best game of the year in this game. Next Saturday, they will go back to their normal selves.  Don’t be surprised if Iowa State figures out how to finish a game and that they finish off Charlie Strong next Saturday.

Couldn’t happen to a better guy, I am convinced he drew up the cheap shot that took Michiah Quick out early in the game Saturday. This game also showed what kind of defensive genius Charlie is.  I look for him to be peddling his wares at Alcorn State next year.

As for OU, we did what we had to do…We have won two road games (as Barry says, Dallas is still in Texas) that we had to win and we did it without a bunch of our best players on defense.

With the offense coming around and many of our injured players set to return to action, we will have a decent chance to eke out wins in Lubbock and Morgantown. If so, we can run the Big 12 table and be Big 12 Champions again.  I know the Big 12 sucks, but we have to start somewhere as we plan for the next round of conference realignments.

Okay, there you have Sooner fans…Don’t forget to savor the win over Texas…We will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow…

Boomer Sooner…







Don’t sleep on Texas…This Texas team may be the worst coached team since John Blake, but like Blake’s teams there is enough enough talent on this team to overcome the coaching staff. Additionally, the game is also played on a neutral field which makes the outcome even harder to predict.

Let me give you two examples to underscore this point. The obvious example is last year when Texas played one quality game all year and it was against OU in the Cotton Bowl. A second less likely example was some twenty-five years ago when the 0-4 Sooners and James Allen eked out a win against the Horns.  In both cases the winning teams were four touchdown underdogs.

Ironically, this year’s Texas bunch looks incredibly like Blake’s OU team back in the day. When was the last time you saw a team have three PAT’s blocked in one game, one for a two-point play going the other direction?  How about never…That is the point that scares me…Only Texas could lay that kind of egg and only OSU could hatch it.

Most coaching staffs would figure out something after the first blocked PAT and most assuredly after the second one. Charlie Strong has one of the worst cases of the “dumb ass” that I have seen in a long time.  This five-point world’s record breaking event added to the Pat Jones-like time out that allowed OSU to score a touchdown right before the half amounted to a 12-point turnaround.  No team can overcome those odds against a good team.

Yes, Texas sucks, but how much Texas sucks still remains to be seen. A loss to OU, particularly a bad loss and Charlie will be shown the door at mid-season and yes, he and his players know this.  Texas always plays better in the Cotton Bowl than they play at home or on the road so I expect Texas to tackle much better than those girl scouts did on Saturday.

Offensively, these guys have quality skill position people to put up against an OU defense that is coached by Mickey Mouse and friends. After that TCU comeback on Saturday, over confidence with this defense should be outlawed.

Bottom line is that the last two times the Sooners have lost to Texas were times when OU was the much better team. In both cases Texas got off to a great start and got the crowd into it.  OU needs to make sure this does not happen on Saturday.

Jump on these guys early and often and send the burnt orange hoard to the Coney Dog stands. Then, Texas donors can work on Charlie’s buyout clause and OU can get back to winning Big 12 Championships.

Boomer Sooner…