Don’t sleep on Texas…This Texas team may be the worst coached team since John Blake, but like Blake’s teams there is enough enough talent on this team to overcome the coaching staff. Additionally, the game is also played on a neutral field which makes the outcome even harder to predict.

Let me give you two examples to underscore this point. The obvious example is last year when Texas played one quality game all year and it was against OU in the Cotton Bowl. A second less likely example was some twenty-five years ago when the 0-4 Sooners and James Allen eked out a win against the Horns.  In both cases the winning teams were four touchdown underdogs.

Ironically, this year’s Texas bunch looks incredibly like Blake’s OU team back in the day. When was the last time you saw a team have three PAT’s blocked in one game, one for a two-point play going the other direction?  How about never…That is the point that scares me…Only Texas could lay that kind of egg and only OSU could hatch it.

Most coaching staffs would figure out something after the first blocked PAT and most assuredly after the second one. Charlie Strong has one of the worst cases of the “dumb ass” that I have seen in a long time.  This five-point world’s record breaking event added to the Pat Jones-like time out that allowed OSU to score a touchdown right before the half amounted to a 12-point turnaround.  No team can overcome those odds against a good team.

Yes, Texas sucks, but how much Texas sucks still remains to be seen. A loss to OU, particularly a bad loss and Charlie will be shown the door at mid-season and yes, he and his players know this.  Texas always plays better in the Cotton Bowl than they play at home or on the road so I expect Texas to tackle much better than those girl scouts did on Saturday.

Offensively, these guys have quality skill position people to put up against an OU defense that is coached by Mickey Mouse and friends. After that TCU comeback on Saturday, over confidence with this defense should be outlawed.

Bottom line is that the last two times the Sooners have lost to Texas were times when OU was the much better team. In both cases Texas got off to a great start and got the crowd into it.  OU needs to make sure this does not happen on Saturday.

Jump on these guys early and often and send the burnt orange hoard to the Coney Dog stands. Then, Texas donors can work on Charlie’s buyout clause and OU can get back to winning Big 12 Championships.

Boomer Sooner…



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