First thing I hate being politically correct about this game…it is not the Red River Rivalry that no one can say three times in a row, it is either the shoot out or OU-Texas…

Secondly, I blame my generation for falling so far behind in the series. Losing 12 of 13 back in the day put us behind the 8 ball in the series which now stands at 61-45-5.   With the exception of the limited OU-Notre Dame series, only Texas can make this boast against OU.

I have the solution this problem as well. Over the last twenty years OU has won two of every three games against Texas.  If we can keep this up I estimate that by the year 2055, we will pull ahead at 78-77-5. You may ask why do I care……Remember this is OU-Texas and that Texas sucks…

Now on to the game and my rant about the Big 12. Can these egg-heads not get anything right…Where did they find those clowns disguised as officials.  They must go down to the local bus station and commandeer the first five guys that get off the bus, dress them up and send them over to the stadium to call a Big 12 game.

I won’t bore you with replaying the facts, but these guys single-handedly kept Texas in the game. If it hadn’t been for those bozos that game would been over at half.

As for this year’s OU-Texas, I know the game had every OU fan gasping for breath to the bitter end as our defense could not stop air, but then again it was a win and yes, it was Texas…Keep in mind that Texas always plays its best game of the year in this game. Next Saturday, they will go back to their normal selves.  Don’t be surprised if Iowa State figures out how to finish a game and that they finish off Charlie Strong next Saturday.

Couldn’t happen to a better guy, I am convinced he drew up the cheap shot that took Michiah Quick out early in the game Saturday. This game also showed what kind of defensive genius Charlie is.  I look for him to be peddling his wares at Alcorn State next year.

As for OU, we did what we had to do…We have won two road games (as Barry says, Dallas is still in Texas) that we had to win and we did it without a bunch of our best players on defense.

With the offense coming around and many of our injured players set to return to action, we will have a decent chance to eke out wins in Lubbock and Morgantown. If so, we can run the Big 12 table and be Big 12 Champions again.  I know the Big 12 sucks, but we have to start somewhere as we plan for the next round of conference realignments.

Okay, there you have Sooner fans…Don’t forget to savor the win over Texas…We will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow…

Boomer Sooner…






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