Making lemonade out of lemons…

For those of us wanting to see OU break for greener pastures, the Big 12 and David Boren have let us down once again. It became obvious going into last week’s Big Conference meetings that the chances for expansion were slim and none and we were right.

In their defense all the good teams had been picked over and those that were left had flaws that David Boren could not get past.   Then again, expecting any team to get past the 80% super majority rule was silly.  I think the whole thing was a sham schemed to get more money out of the networks.  Now that that is over, we can move on to other things.

Like this….

Back in the day, Bud’s Big 8 was known as Oklahoma and the seven dwarfs.   He parlayed that weak conference into three official National Championships and several other unofficial NC’s.

Barry did the same with the advent of the wishbone as hanging fifty on Big 8 opponents became common place.   With the Big 12 moving to two divisions and a championship game Bob and OU can do the same thing today.  Win our division made up of a bunch of weak Big 8 schools and then beat Texas for a second time in the conference championship game.

The Big 12 conference may suck, but any power conference that finishes the year with one or fewer losses and wins its conference championship game will make the National Championship Series.

Playing Nebraska at the end of the year again would have been fun, but winning National Championships can be even more fun…

Here is OU’s template for overcoming the Big 12 Conference malaise and turning lemons into lemonade.

  1. Finish 2016 strong with 5 wins and a strong performance in the Sugar Bowl.
  2. Convince current players to return for their senior seasons and a National Championship run. Get out that check book for insurance policies if needed…
  3. Hold onto the top five recruiting class that OU has coming in for next year.
  4. Win two of three non-conference games in 2017…
  5. Beat Texas in the Red River Shootout and run the Big 12 table.
  6. For credibility’s sake, root for Texas to win the south division and enter the championship game with only one loss.
  7. Beat Texas for a second time in the Big 12 championship game.
  8. Use the championship game and a strong finish to get the #2 seed in the NCS.
  9. Believe that beating a team three times in a row cannot happen as OU beats Ohio State for OU’s 8th National Championship.

I know this may sound insane, but so was beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl two years ago and Tennessee in Knoxville last year.  Sooner Magic can conjure some crazy stuff…

Boomer Sooner…










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