Week 8…

You could see it coming…Big 12’s undefeated teams Baylor and West Virginia went down in flames over the weekend. That takes care of the Big 12’s FCS chances for this year.   A conference that only a few short years ago spent a ton of time hosting Game Day has now become a punch line for that show.

Piling on itself, “the powers that be” decided to forgo the two division idea for next year and have decided instead to have the two teams with the best records play each other in the championship game.

That’s right, get ready to see a Bedlam match-up two weeks in a row in 2017. You know I have come to expect this kind of short sightedness out of Oklahoma politicians, but you would think that the other states represented by the conference would be smarter than this.  This bunch reminds me of the drivers of the Titantic who left the life boats back at the beach.

Oh well, possibly the Texas people envision the Horns will finally right the ship in 2017 and create an early and late season rematch with the Sooners.

In any case, that is next year and we still have half a season left in 2016 to see how this season pans out and more importantly how this season will shape this year’s recruiting class.

Yesterday, OU fans had some good news and some bad news.   The bad news is that OSU, Texas and Notre Dame all won.  The good news is that OSU and Texas both won and Notre Dame sucks this year.

The Baylor and West Virginia losses will take the wind out of their sails at a perfect time with OU playing both these teams in November. Additional good news may come with the Texas win.  Inside sources tell me that firing Charlie Strong at Texas is far from a done deal.

First off, Texas boosters are still paying off Mack Brown’s buyout estimated at $7 million dollars.  Next, Charlie Strong’s buy out is $11 million dollars and it would likely cost another $10 million to hire a Tom Herman.   $30 million dollars does not grow on trees, even in Texas.

While it is true that Texas has twenty T. Boone’s in its arsenal, these guys did not become billionaires by throwing away this kind of money. If Texas can scratch out six wins and go bowling I look for boosters to stick with Charlie for one more year which could be good news for Sooner fans down the road.

Now that the league has no unbeaten teams, the ink on the most dismal Big 12 season ever has dried.   Then again, given OU’s current mediocrity, having a bunch of bums on your league schedule could not have come at a better time.

This OU offense is becoming next to unstoppable.   If we get all our injured defenders back this team could still be pretty good.   We could be poised for a typical end of season OU run.

End the season strong and play a good, but not great Florida team in the Sugar Bowl would end the year with a good feeling, particularly in light of how it began.

Boomer Sooner…

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