I almost got ahead of myself by blogging about the texass coaching change. I will have an interesting slant on that story next week.

As for now, our focus must be on Bedlam. I hate the term Bedlam, but I guess I will have to go with the flow. By the way, in case you have not heard the story, the Bedlam term for OU-OSU sporting events originated at a wrestling match in Agwater back in the day.

In those days, OU had Dr. Death Steve Williams who was hated by the Aggies. More often than not he simply dominated the boys in tikes.   On this night the OU-OSU match came down to Dr. Death and the OSU heavyweight.

In those days there was no weight limit on heavy weights so the Ags brought in a goon weighing the other side of 400 pounds to wrestle Dr. Death.   As expected the OSU wrestler simply leaned on Dr. Death for 9 minutes and eventually wore him down for the win.

As expected the crowd stormed the court, which happens every time OSU beats OU in anything. On the way out of the arena, an OSU fan was heard to have said, “it was Bedlam” in there.  Unfortunately with the help of two Joes it stuck.

Not for a loss of making hay out of any marketing scheme, the then OSU A.D. Terry Don Phillips and the “then still wet behind the ears” Joe Castiglione decided to market the Bedlam phrase and as the say, the rest is history.

It worked to perfection, as the phrase has become part of the Okie vernacular. More importantly, the branding of the phrase has paid huge dividends for OSU in their quest to compete with the Sooners. OU did not need a branding scheme so basically the benefit went to the Ags.

As for me I miss the pre-Bedlam days when OU would hang half a hundred on OSU every year.   Oh well, let it go Ed…

As for this year…I would be lying if I told you that I was not concerned about this game.   OSU had sixteen starters back this year and they have turned that group into a very good team.   More importantly, the Pick is paying his hired hands extremely well and those guys have done a nice job of finishing out games.

I am particularly impressed with what they have done with Mason Rudolph and James Washington.   Hopefully these guys will enter the draft early.

Fortunately for us the game is in Norman and OU has an unstoppable offense. We can only hope that we can outscore the orange hoard of the north. I suspect it will be a game similar to the one in Lubbock where we had to get up by two touchdowns and hang on for dear life.

Let’s go with OU – 52, OSU 35…

Now for my bonus issue….

I hope Bob has been watching game film this week, both of OSU and OU’s special teams. OSU’s sells out to blocking field goals and OU sells out to missing them.

This year’s holder is a redshirt freshman from Heritage Hall by the name of Connor McGuiniss. Connor was the quarterback on a couple state championship teams.   He is rangy and an excellent passer.

I would love to see Bob fake a field goal with this guy throwing to a wide-open receiver. Not only would the move possibly create points, it will also slow that rush down.

If it happens, remember you heard it hear first…

Boomer Sooner…

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