I know you were probably expecting my take on the Baker Mayfield/Arkansas story, but I see that one as a non-story.   My Arkansas sources, Bubba and Joe Bob have informed me that Baker simply came across some bad moonshine while on a Snipe Hunt.  The rules to a Snipe Hunt in Arkansas are simple…The first guy to find someone with a full set of teeth wins…

Unfortunately, winning the prize took longer than expected so the bad moonshine had plenty of time to turn toxic.   Baker learned a lesson.  Stay out of Arkansas and stay away from bad hooch.

Baker will apologize to the Sooner Nation, beat Ohio State on the road and everything will be forgotten…

Now, on with the show…

Today’s story for the 2nd time in six months is Kansas…


Back in the late 70’s Kansas actually went toe to toe with the Sooners and Cornhuskers in recruiting. The player craved by all three was Kerwin Bell, a five star running back out of California.

People were shocked when KU pulled a rabbit out of the hat and landed Bell. Of course just like the Ole Miss. of today, KU ended up on probation two years later.  That did not matter as Kansas like today was desperate.  Bell was the Big 8 freshman of the year in 1980 and the Jayhawks actually became competitive in football and won a few games.

Just like 1978, KU is back in the recruiting business as the Jawhawks are currently ranked ahead of OU and Nebraska in the latest 247sports recruiting rankings for the Class of 2018.

Two things have happened to make this football resurgence possible.   Kansas’ head coach David Beatty has found fool’s gold in the form of Louisiana recruits.  He has sent a young, energetic assistant coach to New Orleans to recruit the town and he has convinced six players, three four-star and three three-star recruits to leave Louisiana for Kansas.

Again, this move may be fool’s goal, because the word on the street is that the run on New Orleans is due to a boycott by New Orleans high school coaches of LSU, but it is a start.   If KU can pick up LSU’s loose change, KU could become competitive in this woefully weak league.

Yes, I know it is early, but this has never happened before and will likely never happen again, so a Kodak moment is in order.  There may possibly be another cause for KU to get back into the football business.

Is it possible that the KU administrators are finally figuring things out…Yes, basketball will always be king at KU, but after paying for Bill Self’s exorbitant salary, having money left over to pay for the other 18 non- revenue sports will always be in short supply.

Renovating or tearing down one of the worst football venues in America and filling it up with live bodies would be much more profitable.   Basketball wins championships, but football pays the bills.   Who knows, this football business may actually catch on in Lawrence.

Tomorrow we will examine the latest 247sports recruiting rankings sprinkled in with information to spice up the rankings.



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