Thoughts from the ball yard…

  • Game one of the college World Series was about as good as it gets…when was the last time you got to work and everyone was talking about a softball game. How about never.
  • Paige Parker is a pitcher that needs rest and Patti Gasso knows this. Pitching may be more about leg strength than arm strength. Just like last year, Paige was wasted after game one and needed time to recuperate.
  • Gasso simply played a game of dodge ball with her former assistant coach Tim Walton and made him blink. She started Paige Parker with no intention of staying with her too long. Walton started his #3 hole pitcher and had to bring in one of his starters to stop the bleeding
  • Patti allowed her freshman pitcher to avoid the pressure of starting the game as she faced the bottom of the order. Then in a brilliant move that no one saw coming, Gasso brings in her freshman right fielder, Nicole Mendes to get the Sooners through the 5th inning.
  • At that point it was all over, but the shouting as the Sooners brought the heat.
  • Let’s get real…Johnny Bench could not hit a 105 miles per hour heater. That is what Paige Lowary’s 75 mile per hour pitch computes to in baseball terms.

In closing, the good news is that OU fans have the entire team minus a left fielder returning in 2018. Additional good news can be found in the fact that the Sooner Class of 2020 is currently ranked #1 in the country with five players listed in the top 25. This team exits and the next bunch of blue chip players will take their place. I love the smell of reloading instead of rebuilding.

For those OU fans, looking for another dream, consider this…Patti Gasso will never give up her softball team for baseball, so let’s encourage Joe C. to go after her former assistant Tim Walton.   Like most people coaches can be bought. If Joe C. can put together a $1 million dollar incentive package, maybe Walton can be enticed to return to Norman.

This will be the final piece to the OU puzzle that all OU fans have dreamed about…

Boomer Sooner…

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