The Hits just keep on coming… 

The dog days of summer normally create pure boredom. This summer has been different; a lot different, as the hits just keep on coming.

First, the Sooner softball team played lights out and created the fourth leg of their softball dynasty.

Next, out of left field, Bob Stoops retires. While Lincoln Riley, his replacement was the obvious choice, few saw it coming this quickly.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that Lincoln Riley wasted no time to shore up the OU defense by hiring former Texas Tech coach Ruffin McNeil.   This guy can flat out coach and recruit.

The only time Tech has had a decent defense over the past twenty years was under Ruffin. Ruffin’s 2009 Tech defense led the Big 12 in pass and total defense. This guy is just what the doctor ordered.

Right on cue, OU flipped four-star defensive lineman Ron Tatum from burnt orange to Crimson and Cream.   Expect the OU to end up with another top ten recruiting class.

Finally, the OU baseball coach gets the axe…I really didn’t see this one coming. Pete Hughes took over scorched earth left by Sonny Galloway four years ago so I thought Joe C. would give him another year. Just as well, I had little confidence that Pete Hughes could make it happen.

Finally, I believe there is an underlying message for us in the baseball deal. Joe C. is telling all his coaches that football fans are tired of paying more and more for football tickets, football tickets that essentially pay for the salaries of coaches from other sports.   He is saying for these guys to either provide Sooner fans with a winning product or to seek employment elsewhere.

As a baseball fan, I like what I am seeing. Baseball has become a much bigger college sport. Louisville set the tone last year by signing its baseball coach to a $1million dollar per year contract to keep him from relocating to Austin.

I know Sherry Coale is the darling of many Sooner fans, but I would suggest that she take note…

Boomer Sooner…



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