He’s smarter than he looks…

Berry Tramel had OSU fans worked into frenzy as Mike Gundy dragged his feet on signing his contract. Apparently, the current deal was due to end in 2019 and he wanted a lifetime contract.

Gundy is smarter than he looks even with that pathetic mullet.   I would suggest that Gundy got exactly what he wanted; a pay raise, a contract extension and most importantly a reasonably priced buy-out clause.

What this means is this…T. Boone at 89 and having suffered a mini-stroke last winter is feeling the pressure to bring a legitimate National Championship to Stillwater. Time is running out on the old man.

And..it could happen this year…after all Lindy’s Preseason Football Magazine has OSU winning the Big 12 in 2017. While I would not rush out and put Vegas money on their projection, I would suggest that the Pokes do have their best chance in years of reaching the Promised Land.

Boone has done his part by paving or paying the way for the best set of OSU triplets since the Gundy, Hart Lee Dykes and Barry Sanders some thirty years ago to return to Stillwater.   Ironically, it was with the original set of triplets that caused OSU to be placed on life support after the NCAA issued OSU, it’s near death penalty.

This year, along with the triplets, OSU also returns a solid offensive line, and the country’s best group of graduate transfers.

A manageable preseason schedule that includes Tulsa, Pittsburgh, and South Alabama should get the Pokes off to a good start.   Then OSU gets OU and K-State at home and a Texas team with a mental bloc against OSU on the road.

Before you grab for the barf bag, other more reputable preseason football magazines have a different opinion, as does this blog writer.

As we know OSU has invented the art of losing a game they should never lose.   Also, Charlie Strong will be not coaching at Texas this year, which should help with the mental issue. Most importantly, to win the gold ball, OSU must beat OU twice in the same year. I would bet my house that this will not happen.

Just like Aggies, Gundy and T. Boone have put all their eggs in the same basket. OSU must produce a winner this year or go back to square one next year. Returning a lot this year means losing a lot after the year is over.

This brings me back full circle to the Gundy is smarter than he looks statement. He has a win-win situation. If he wins the Big 12, he is a super hero to OSU fans. If he comes close, he will still be a super hero to OSU fans.

Either way, he can sign up for another year at $4.2 million dollars per year or leave for his next Yankees job in the SEC. SEC schools scoff at $3 million buy-out clauses.

More importantly in the SEC, Gundy will be at a place that can actually win a National Championship.

Like I said he is smarter than he looks.  


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