I smell a rat…

Two weeks ago I jumped out on that proverbial limb and suggested that Joe C. was on a mission to turn OU baseball into a winner. This, I surmised was why he fired Pete Hughes.   Believing in Joe C., I wanted to give the OU A.D. the benefit of the doubt.

Granted I was not happy with the end of the Sooner season. To add insult to injury to OU’s late season swoon, OU lost its last two games in the NCAA tournament 22-1. While OU’s hitting coach deserves part of the fault here, I thought the pitching coach should be fired.

Instead Joe C. promotes the pitching coach to become OU’s next head coach. Reminds me of replacing the Captain of the Titanic with the lookout guy who believed the iceberg to be an aberration.

Adding to this mystery, three hours south of Norman is a baseball program with an outstanding head coach and two top-notch assistants. This team of coaches has turned TCU into a baseball powerhouse. The Horned Frogs are making their fourth trip in a row to Omaha. Overnight, TCU turned a patch of west Texas dirt into a state of the art baseball facility.

OU could have hired either one of these guys to return OU to the baseball Promised Land. Instead it appears that Joe C. replaced Frick with Frack.

Either Joe Castiglione is a smarter baseball man than I realized or I have gotten sucked in once again as an OU baseball fan. A third possible option is that there is something rotten in Denmark.

Remember, this is the same Joe C. that hired Gene Stephenson for a day and then when Stephenson returned to Wichita, he hired Sunny Galloway in a knee jerk reaction. Both players and fans despised Galloway, as a coach. He made Howard Schnellenberger look like a great guy.

Galloway left Norman just ahead of the hangman, was hired by Auburn, and a year later was fired.

I know baseball is considered a minor sport at OU, but even minor sports deserve better than this.   I smell a rat…I don’t think we are getting the real scoop on this deal…

Stay tuned…




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