Aggie Seats…

Just about the time I think I have run out of summer stories, OSU like the Lone Ranger rides into town.

In my latest edition of “you can’t make this stuff up”, OSU announces that the seating capacity at T. Boone’s Stadium will decrease this year. The move comes due to increasing pressure from OSU fans that need more seating space. The Ags will eliminate almost 4,000 seats in order to create additional butt space for OSU fans.

This is the point where I have to restrain myself, after all it would be so easy at this point to make snide remarks like “there goes another “big” OSU fan” or “OSU fans and their “double wide’s”.   Of course I won’t do this because it would be undignified.

I will restrain myself for another reason. On my row in Section 108 the poor OU fan sitting at the end of row does so with half his/her cheek off the bleacher. Fans in row (20) have figured out that they need to arrive early and stake out their excessive baggage claims. This leaves the schmuck on the end of the row with basically an aisle seat.

Regardless, no other university in America would reduce seating capacity due to butt size. This sort of thing only happens in Stillwater, America.   You would think that after years of Aggie jokes, OSU people would realize that OU fans don’t need any help finding ways to inflict pain on poor Aggies. This latest move paves the way once again for OSU fans to be the butt of more jokes (pun intended).

One last thing…the article’s author appeared to be cutting OSU some slack as he bragged that OSU was on target to sell a record number of season tickets this year. Get this…an Aggie record in this case would mean selling 37,000 season tickets.

Then, after giving away tickets to students, state politicians who underwrite the football program and people in town for the local pig races, OSU can reach the 50,000 mark.   This number will allow OSU to have bragging rights over Stillwater High School.

Here’s the deal…this decade under T. Boone and Mike Gundy, OSU has had its most successful decade in its history. Still OSU football can only sell/or give away 50,000 tickets. OU, OSU’s big brother has sold out Memorial stadium to the tune of 85,000 seats for every game since 1999.

This friend is the difference big time college football and the Pop Warner variety.

Boomer Sooner…

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