Recruiting 101…

Three of the last four years Alabama has ended up the recruiting season ranked #1 in the country according to with a 2nd place finish the other year.   Each time Alabama started off the recruiting campaign in a similarly slow fashion as this year.

In other words, Alabama does not get into any hurry, realizing that in the end, they will be able to cherry pick their class. Currently, the Crimson Tide has six (6) commitments and is ranked #35.

Alabama is a prime example of why one must be careful not to put too much stock in early season recruiting rankings. Recruiting services rank teams ranked as much on quantity as they do on quality.   With everybody getting the same number of recruits (25), the cream will eventually rise to the top. Trust me Alabama will be in the top three at the end of the day.

The one number that never changes is 85…this is the maximum number of scholarships that a team can have at any one time.

You can do the math…eighty five (85) divided by four (4) years is twenty one (21) not twenty five (25). This is NCAA math predicated on saving money and leveling the playing field. In reality, it does just the opposite. This is why you see the same teams end up at the top every year.

As I look at the latest recruiting quality numbers I would like to make the following predictions.

1….Beginning for sure in 2018 OU and Texas will face each other twice every year, both in Dallas, once in the Cotton Bowl and the other at Jerry World.

2…The other Texas teams with the best Texas talent (TCU and Baylor) will battle for Big 12 spoiler and third place in the conference.

3…West Virginia and OSU will develop a rivalry for the next best bowl game.

4…Kansas will rise from the ashes and compete against K-State and Iowa State.

5…Texas Tech will start over after its love affair with Kliff Kingsbury as these two parties will end up in divorce court after this season.

With all of this in mind, let’s look at the most recent recruiting rankings that rewards both quality and quantity.

Rivals rankings based on traditional ratings…

(the number in parenthesis is the national ranking)

1…..Oklahoma (6)

2…..Texas (10)

3…..OSU (16)

4…..TCU (19)

5…..Baylor (20)

6…..Kansas (26)

7…..West Virginia (46)

8…..Texas Tech (55)

9…..Iowa State (58)

10…Kansas State (85)

Authentic ranking based on Rivals star ratings

The 2nd number represents the average of stars – 5,4,3,2…

1…..Texas 3.67

2…..Oklahoma 3.53

3……TCU 3.20

4…..Baylor 3.13

5…..West Virginia 3.09

6…..Kansas 3.08

7…..Oklahoma State 3.00

7…..Kansas State 3.00

9…..Iowa State 2.73

10…Texas Tech 2.54

The biggest change here is of course with OSU dropping from #3 in the quantity rankings to a tie with Kansas State for #7 in the quality rankings…

I will update the list again in late September.  Stay tuned…The OU/Texas rivalry is really heating up…

Boomer Sooner…






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