Legends of the Game… 

OU football is our drug of choice…for the 123rd time OU football will be king of the hill in Oklahoma. Then again what do we expect after all there’s only one Oklahoma. Of course fans from other schools come out of the woodwork when things are going good, but then again so do a lot of OU fans. This year will be no exception as the Sooners should be plenty good.

For some OU fans, those of us who became OU football fanatics at an early age balancing the good times with the bad has become part of our DNA. Don’t get me wrong, we want to win as much or more as the next guy, but jumping ship after a bad outing or a bad season is not part of our mindset.

Growing up on a farm with OU as my only connection to the real world, I remember thinking that I must be the most possessed OU fan on the planet.   I was wrong.   In 1976 I met an OU fan that had forgotten more OU football than I would ever know.

As first year teachers at Central Junior High in Moore we quickly realized that we were both OU junkies.  That next fall we began making our weekly trips to the Holy Grail of college each Saturday

This coming Saturday, Dr. Tamage and I will once again load up and head south to Mecca as we continue our OU football Saturday tradition for the 42nd year. As Dr. Tamage is prone to say, our OU buddy system has lasted longer than most marriages. I am prone to say that by allowing our wives to escape from our OU football obsession 24/7 we may have saved our marriages.

Of course both of us come by our OU addiction honestly as our parents enabled our OU habit. While living on the east coast during the OU probation/blackout years my mom would send me weekly newspaper clippings. While the clippings would come a week after a game or signing date due to Snail Mail, these articles served me well by keeping me sane during these years.

Dr. Tamage’s dad would get up on Saturday mornings and drive him from Hutch, Kansas across the Oklahoma state line to get his son within the radio broadcast signal of OU games.

That’s right, they would drive two hours to Oklahoma sit in the car for three hours to listen to OU games and then drive back to Hutch. Is that a cool story or what…

Of course neither of our parents gave a flip about OU football, but they gave more than a flip about us and our love for OU football. That my friend is some serious parenting.

As you know, each home game OU recognizes OU fans who have been around longer that dirt. You know these are the ones who get wheeled out onto the field by their families as they look around wondering what all the noise is about. My daughter insists that OU should recognize Dr. Tamage and me for our streak.

I am not there yet, but if we can hang around for another six years and break the OU “47” streak, I may be open to her suggestion.  Of course by that point David Boren will have retired and I will lose my connection.  In any case, if my math is correct that will be 2023.  By that point we will be just like the old geezers that I love making fun of.  We will be looking around wondering what is going on…

Then again at 48 years of OU football bliss, we will have out-lasted  95% of all marriages in America so possibly, I will let her have her wish.

As for 2017, I am just going to sit back and enjoy the ride…

Boomer Sooner…




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