Week one…

…OU is pretty good…If the running game improves this offense will be lethal.  Does this mean that we will beat Ohio State… Probably not…after all we are talking The OSU and we are talking playing at the Horse-shoe?  The key for next Saturday night will be for the Sooners to hang with the Buckeyes. A road loss to a team the caliber of Ohio State will not hurt the Sooners down the road.

I was encouraged by OU’s defense, I was very encouraged about backup quarterback Kyler Murray and Trey Sermon and the tight end game.  We knew that Murray could run, but on several occasions on Saturday, he really threaded the needle.  This year we will have tight end game with two guys with great hands. Trey Sermon will be the next great OU running back.

…Once again, the Oklahoma media has crowned the other OSU as its 2017 Big 12 and National Champion.  Granted, OSU’s offense will be pretty good this year. The problem for Aggoot fans is that they have the same defense.    You can only do so much with a bunch of three star athletes.

The other problem for the other OSU is that they are an ankle sprain to Rudolph from being very average.  Their backup quarterback is a walk-on.  At the same time give the Pokes credit, I have them as the third best team in Big 12…

Speaking of the 2nd best team…West Virginia will be pretty good on both sides of the ball this year.  Thank God we play these guys at home this year.  As for the northern Ags, they catch the Mountaineers on the road the week between their Texas and OU games.  Bad timing.

…While TCU beat up on a lowly Jackson State 62-0 on Saturday night, it is hard to score that many points against air.   Gary Patterson is like a ghost buster; he will be on a mission from God this year.

Look for the Horned Frogs to possibly throw a wrench into OSU’s National Championship plans on 9/23.  The Ags will have waltzed through three cupcakes at this point.  Going up against a physical college team after playing three high school teams can be mentally tough.

…Texas sucks…Maryland is better than some may think, but there is no excuse for losing to a bunch of turtles at home.  As we have said before Texas is at least a year away.

The good news is that Texas lost, the bad news is that the Big 12 Conference keeps losing to teams in the eastern time zone.   Texas to Maryland, West Virginia to Va. Tech and Baylor to Liberty College.  For a conference that was on life support going to the season this is not good news.

…Oh by the way, we saw the first nail hammered into Kevin Sumlin’s coffin Sunday night.  How can you give up 34 unanswered points in a quarter and a half?  That is probably the question being asked by rich A&M alums this morning…

…Finally, the Baptist Bowl was played in Waco on Saturday.  The game was won by Liberty College.  The Athletic Director at Liberty (Jerry Falwell’s old school) is the same guy that was deaf, dumb and blind as Baylor’s A.D. back during Baylor’s war on women.

I can say this as a guy that grew up Baptist.  Only a Baptist school like Liberty would hire this grease-ball to run its athletic program.  I was never a fan of Jerry Falwell or his Moral Majority crap so I am not surprised by the move.  Baptists should know and do better…

Okay, back to football.  It is now just five days until the game we have been waiting for some 365 days.  Of course as some will say, be careful what you ask for…at the same time I will be surprised if the Sooners don’t play better this year. This year we have athletes on defense instead of a bunch of guys masquerading as football players…

Boomer Sooner…


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