Baker…taking another look…

As you may have expected my last blog created differing opinions.  Of course, this is exactly what blogging is meant to do…

Some felt that the Baker’s planting of the OU flag at midfield was totally classless.   Others took a middle of the road approach and appreciated Baker’s apology.  Other fans ate it up…and believed that the move will allow OU to regain its swagger.

I suspect that many of the first group are “the color orange” people who will hate OU no matter what they do. For these guys I refer them to the fact that their fans rush the field or the court everytime their Cowpatties win a game….give me a break…act like you’ve been there before.

The apologist group means well and I appreciate a heartfelt apology myself when merited.  As a coach, I never rubbed it in and never wanted to show up the other guy.

I also suggest that Baker would never have apologized, heart-felt or otherwise, for his move had it not been for David Boren.  Boren is the ultimate nice guy and politician who always sees the bigger picture for his University.   Boren would love for OU to be part of the Big Ten someday and he believes that keeping the Buckeye brass happy can’t hurt.

Ultimately, as an OU football fan, it comes down to our desire to return OU football to its former glory.   This will not happen without swagger.  Bob Stoops was the ultimate nice guy and during the last ten years of his regime OU had lost its swagger.  OU also lost its place at the final-four table.   

Two things jump out at me at this point.  Swaggar may put us perilously close to the edge at times, but without that swagger winning in Dallas and Stillwater this year becomes a lot harder.

Move forward to a scene on November 4 as the orange hoard rushes the field after a win over the Sooners in Stillwater.  That is a scene I do not want to see.  If this means allowing Baker to plant the OU flag at Ohio State to restore OU’s swagger, so be it.

Boomer Sooner…






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