Okay OU fans, it’s time for a truth serum…going into this season, we would have been more than happy with a 5-1 record at this point of the season. We never really thought we would beat Ohio State and we never for a moment thought we would get beat by Iowa State.

There you have it…the OU season so far has been awash from a win-loss perspective. Avoiding the inevitable over simplification by OU fans that OU should never lose a game or that OU simply played lights out against Ohio State and stunk up the place against Iowa State, there may be other reasons for the unpredictable nature of OU football these days. As we know, OU tends to lose a game every year that they shouldn’t lose only to battle back for a flaming finish.

The average OU fan also has a hard time understanding how college football has changed since the Barry days.  Parity has become a way of life as college scholarship limits and the NFL draft have leveled the playing field. Ohio State losing ten players to the NFL after last season and Iowa State being allowed to sign the same number of recruits as OU played a much bigger role in the current 5-1 record than either Baker Mayfield or Mike Stoops.

The parity factor should also make OU fans appreciate Saturday’s Texas’ win. Yes, I know Texas is still in a rebuilding mode, but those guys have a ton of talent. They also have a quarterback who can use his feet to avoid a bunch of tired tacklers at the end of a game. Possibly most importantly Texas always plays its best game of the year against the Sooners in the Cotton Bowl. It would not surprise me to see Texas lay an egg against OSU having played their career game against us in the Cotton Bowl.

OU’s ability to survive on Saturday should not be over looked by anyone. Yes, we blew a 20-point league and once again we got beat on the outside, but we still left the Cotton Bowl with a win. A win in the Cotton Bowl is always a big win.

Trust me…OU’s win on Saturday was not just about Texas; it was also about the possibility of beating OSU in three weeks. A loss last Saturday would have guaranteed a loss to the Gags in three weeks.

Baker-haters and you know who you are should kiss his ring today. Baker played hurt after a massive cheap shot he absorbed late in the game, but rallied to save Sooner Nation with his touchdown throw to Mark Andrews.

For those of us who have left the Cotton Bowl far too many times on the losing side, winning by five was like winning by fifty.    I just hope that those OU fans that trashed Baker and abandoned the Sooners after the Iowa State loss sold their tickets too more deserving OU fans.

Beating Texas, particularly in the Cotton Bowl will always be a big deal…Sooner fans, we need to enjoy the moment. Beating Texas anytime is priceless.

Boomer Sooner…



Section 108… 

From my upper deck Section 108 seats I have a bird’s eye view of the field. Normally, this is a good thing, but on Saturday it was a bad thing for several reasons.

First, we were the first ones to realize that Mike Stoops had no clue about how to defense a less than average Iowa State offense. Adding to our pain was his inexplicable inability to make adjustments.

Adding to all our pain was the fact that we knew that we would be stuck with Mike Stoops for the rest of this year. After the season Lincoln can hire his own coach for this critical position. In the meantime, I have a temporary solution to this dilemma. Lincoln needs to give Bob Stoops a call and ask him to help his brother Mike pull his head out of his rectum.   This will be a two-man job, but I think the Stoops boys are up to the challenge.

While in the area, Bob can also help brother Mike with his X’s and O’s for the Texas game. After all, Bob was once the defensive guru at Florida.

Next, Section 108 needs to give Baker a break. This is the same guy that has beaten Tennessee, Ohio State and Auburn in the last two years. Section 108 fans wanted Baker indicted on Saturday for being the worst human on earth.   Of course these are the same folks that were worshiping the ground he walked on last month.

If we can get our CeeDee Lamb and Abdul Adams back, Baker can make this offense a well-oiled machine again. It’s looks like we are going to be back to having outscore people and as we know Baker is the only one that can make this happen.

Okay, here is the thing for those of you who still care. I will be the first one to say that losing to a 30 dog at home is inexcusable. I will also say that it took a perfect storm for this to happen.

  1. Games played within few weeks of a monumental win.
  2. A bye week where everyone loses focus.
  3. A game the week before OU-Texas.
  4. A rooster kickoff…
  5. Playing a team with an extra two days to prepare a game-plan.
  6. An Iowa State team whose young coach had this game marked on his calendar.
  7. Changing quarterbacks on the flight to Norman. Seriously, you can bet that this quarterback switch was made the day after the Iowa State-Texas game, but OU had no clue.
  8. The only four star receiver recruit (Allan Lizard) to ever land at Iowa State.
  9. Mike Stoops still living in Norman.

Finally, what choices to we have in the matter…either we get back on the horse or we can pull a KU and look forward to basketball season.

OU must simply take care of its own business and hope that TCU can do the same. Beat the Frogs twice and we will have a glimmer of championship series hope at the end of the season.  Of course, first we have to…

Beat Texas…




Lack of institutional control…

Did the Gags have a bad week or what? First, OSU loses a home game to TCU, a game they were favored to win by two touchdowns and a game that effectively ended their final-four and Heisman watch. Not to be outdone the basketball team has its associate head coach arrested by the FBI on bribery charges…

Whoa Nelly, it don’t get much worse than that.

Fifteen years ago OSU turned its athletic program over to T. Boone Pickens and in doing so became the poster child for that hated NCAA phrase “lack of institutional control”. These are the words that will always lead to NCAA sanctions.

The good news is that the FBI is involved in this one. Unlike OSU’s dirty game scandal that the NCAA screwed up, the FBI will have its blinders on and will not care about school colors or donors.   Expect the FBI to do the heavy lifting in this matter with the NCAA using their findings to bring the hammer down on predators.

As we know the NCAA will take its sweet time in assessing penalties which is a good thing.  This will allow a dark cloud to hang over the OSU program for years to come.   Along with the mushroom cloud will come scholarship cuts and a ban on post season appearances.

Even T. Boone’s millions won’t buy the Pokes out of this one. As a perfect example of what goes around comes around, T. Boone agreed to make Lamont Evans the associate head coach and pay him the highest salary of any assistant coach in America.

Please explain to me why an assistant coach making $600,000 a year of T. Boone’s money would take a paltry $22,000 bribe? One, is the pressure of justifying his exorbitant salary by producing five star recruits and secondly because he developed a bad case of Aggie mentality.

The basketball gods are not going to be happy with programs that turn their backs on their beloved game.  In addition to NCAA sanctions that most certainly will happen, look for certain current players to be ruled ineligible and for future players to avoid Stillwater like the plague.

Finally, all of this will have as its backdrop, an OU basketball program that will be on the rebound this year with freshman phenom Trae Young.  Additionally, the OU basketball program will also feel a momentum bump with its planned state of the art basketball facility on north base.

By the way I disagree with those who say that OSU has no real traditions.   OSU is the most penalized athletic program in NCAA history.   OSU fans should be really proud of that one…