Lack of institutional control…

Did the Gags have a bad week or what? First, OSU loses a home game to TCU, a game they were favored to win by two touchdowns and a game that effectively ended their final-four and Heisman watch. Not to be outdone the basketball team has its associate head coach arrested by the FBI on bribery charges…

Whoa Nelly, it don’t get much worse than that.

Fifteen years ago OSU turned its athletic program over to T. Boone Pickens and in doing so became the poster child for that hated NCAA phrase “lack of institutional control”. These are the words that will always lead to NCAA sanctions.

The good news is that the FBI is involved in this one. Unlike OSU’s dirty game scandal that the NCAA screwed up, the FBI will have its blinders on and will not care about school colors or donors.   Expect the FBI to do the heavy lifting in this matter with the NCAA using their findings to bring the hammer down on predators.

As we know the NCAA will take its sweet time in assessing penalties which is a good thing.  This will allow a dark cloud to hang over the OSU program for years to come.   Along with the mushroom cloud will come scholarship cuts and a ban on post season appearances.

Even T. Boone’s millions won’t buy the Pokes out of this one. As a perfect example of what goes around comes around, T. Boone agreed to make Lamont Evans the associate head coach and pay him the highest salary of any assistant coach in America.

Please explain to me why an assistant coach making $600,000 a year of T. Boone’s money would take a paltry $22,000 bribe? One, is the pressure of justifying his exorbitant salary by producing five star recruits and secondly because he developed a bad case of Aggie mentality.

The basketball gods are not going to be happy with programs that turn their backs on their beloved game.  In addition to NCAA sanctions that most certainly will happen, look for certain current players to be ruled ineligible and for future players to avoid Stillwater like the plague.

Finally, all of this will have as its backdrop, an OU basketball program that will be on the rebound this year with freshman phenom Trae Young.  Additionally, the OU basketball program will also feel a momentum bump with its planned state of the art basketball facility on north base.

By the way I disagree with those who say that OSU has no real traditions.   OSU is the most penalized athletic program in NCAA history.   OSU fans should be really proud of that one…




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