Section 108… 

From my upper deck Section 108 seats I have a bird’s eye view of the field. Normally, this is a good thing, but on Saturday it was a bad thing for several reasons.

First, we were the first ones to realize that Mike Stoops had no clue about how to defense a less than average Iowa State offense. Adding to our pain was his inexplicable inability to make adjustments.

Adding to all our pain was the fact that we knew that we would be stuck with Mike Stoops for the rest of this year. After the season Lincoln can hire his own coach for this critical position. In the meantime, I have a temporary solution to this dilemma. Lincoln needs to give Bob Stoops a call and ask him to help his brother Mike pull his head out of his rectum.   This will be a two-man job, but I think the Stoops boys are up to the challenge.

While in the area, Bob can also help brother Mike with his X’s and O’s for the Texas game. After all, Bob was once the defensive guru at Florida.

Next, Section 108 needs to give Baker a break. This is the same guy that has beaten Tennessee, Ohio State and Auburn in the last two years. Section 108 fans wanted Baker indicted on Saturday for being the worst human on earth.   Of course these are the same folks that were worshiping the ground he walked on last month.

If we can get our CeeDee Lamb and Abdul Adams back, Baker can make this offense a well-oiled machine again. It’s looks like we are going to be back to having outscore people and as we know Baker is the only one that can make this happen.

Okay, here is the thing for those of you who still care. I will be the first one to say that losing to a 30 dog at home is inexcusable. I will also say that it took a perfect storm for this to happen.

  1. Games played within few weeks of a monumental win.
  2. A bye week where everyone loses focus.
  3. A game the week before OU-Texas.
  4. A rooster kickoff…
  5. Playing a team with an extra two days to prepare a game-plan.
  6. An Iowa State team whose young coach had this game marked on his calendar.
  7. Changing quarterbacks on the flight to Norman. Seriously, you can bet that this quarterback switch was made the day after the Iowa State-Texas game, but OU had no clue.
  8. The only four star receiver recruit (Allan Lizard) to ever land at Iowa State.
  9. Mike Stoops still living in Norman.

Finally, what choices to we have in the matter…either we get back on the horse or we can pull a KU and look forward to basketball season.

OU must simply take care of its own business and hope that TCU can do the same. Beat the Frogs twice and we will have a glimmer of championship series hope at the end of the season.  Of course, first we have to…

Beat Texas…





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