OU/Texas hangover…

Give Big 12 schedule makers credit; they know how to build a schedule…a schedule that creates tough games for both OU and Texas the week after OU/Texas.

Saturday was a perfect example of both. OU was forced to play against a well coached, difficult to defense Kansas State offense while OSU played a Texas team that was softened up by OU the week before.

Anyone who has followed OU for any length of time knows full well that the Sooners go through a Texas hangover every year. So much emotion goes into the game in the Cotton Bowl that getting 18 year old players to focus on the next week’s game is next to impossible.   Texas goes through the same thing every year.

This past Saturday was a perfect example of the OU/Texas hangover…

OU spent the entire night fighting off extinction. The only thing that kept our season from going into the toilet was Baker Mayfield, but even Baker seemed to have a Texas hangover in the first half of the game.

The Longhorns looked like a different team on offense against the Gags. Sam Ehlinger reverted back to being an eighteen-year-old true freshman.

I know this all seems like one of those crazy conspiracy theories, but then again, this is what I do.   Bob Bowlsby’s multi-million dollar contract is contingent upon the Big 12 making the Bowl Championship Series this year.  Using the schedule to help make this happen is part of his plan.

He knew going in that Texas was a year away so setting up the Horns with OSU the week after OU/Texas made good sense. He was hoping that OU would ward off a less talented K-State team in Manhattan.  He almost got more than he bargained for in K-State, but his plan worked to perfection in Austin.

His plan for next year will be for OU and OSU to continue to be national powers with Texas joining the duo. Add in a TCU and West Virginia and you have the makings of a legitimate Power Five Conference.

You can bet that Bowlsby is already conspiring with schedule makers to make all of this possible.   Sounds conspiratorial I know, but this is the Big 12 we live in these days.

Boomer Sooner…


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