OU and Big 12 fans must face up to something…Both face an Armageddon-like scenario this weekend.

As stated earlier, OU’s loss to Iowa State created no wiggle room for the Sooners. TCU must retain its top 4 ranking for OU’s final four hopes and for the Big 12 to survive. I am convinced that a focused OU team will take care of Horned Frogs on Nov. 11.

Here’s the rub…TCU is not a lock against Iowa State. I know TCU is better than Iowa State, but so was OU. Also, we know that crazy things happen in Ames, particularly late in the year…remember Texas losing to Iowa State in 2010 and OSU losing to the Cyclones in 2011. The OSU loss cost the Cowboys a shot at a National Championship.

I said after this year’s Iowa State game that Iowa State was better than people thought.   They also play way over the heads at Jack Trice Stadium. This Saturday, ISU will be a 7-point dog to TCU. The last time this was the case was two weeks ago in Lubbock when the Cyclones beat Texas Tech by three touchdowns as a 7-point dog.

Hopefully, this won’t happen, but if it does the Big 12 will be in big trouble. A loss would push TCU to the bottom of the top ten, which would mean that a win by OU over TCU two weeks later would become meaningless.   If this happens, the Big 12 would be out of the National Championship hunt once again.

So, OU fans here are your marching orders…Pray for TCU to beat Iowa State on Saturday…while you’re on your knees pray for West Virginia to beat OSU and for Mike Stoops to have a clue against Texas Tech.

If our prayers are answered, Baker Mayfield can perform his Sooner Magic act against OSU, TCU, and West Virginia and all will be right with the world.

Then that bad taste in our mouths that we experienced after the Iowa State game will be long gone.

If not, we’ll work on Plan B next week.

Boomer Sooner…




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