Armageddon’s Plan B…

Now that Armageddon Saturday is behind us, Big 12 fans must now consider a Plan B.   As feared, Iowa State beat TCU, which means the Big 12’s final-four plans are now on life support.

With TCU’s loss I predict that Tuesday’s initial College football playoff rankings will have all of the Big 12 teams at the bottom of the top ten. This will mean the Big 12 chances for a playoff spot will become slim and none.

The “none” chance in this scenario represents TCU, OSU and Iowa State. The “slim” chance represents OU.   Discounting the other three as final-four pretenders, let’s take a look at the Big 12’s lone possibility.

Why you say would OU still have any shot at the playoffs…that would be Ohio State. The only Big 12 team still on the playoff list with a decent team on its resume would be OU with Ohio State.

Couple this with the fact that the only team to beat OU is Iowa State and we have our last gasp hope of making the playoffs. Now we must make lemonade out of lemons, with the Big 12 Conference being the lemons.

Simply put, my Plan B for OU and the Big 12 centers on OU beating OSU. If Baker can perform his Sooner Magic act one more time, the Sooners will have a decent shot to beat Rudolph in Stillwater and make a run at the final four. Of course all of this comes with a major league caveat.

For this to happen, it will be essential that Lincoln Riley keep Mike Stoops in the office this week and away from Campus Corner. If so there’s a slim chance that that same OU defense that we saw in Columbus could reappear.   If we see the same defense he put out there in the first quarter against Texas Tech, OSU will score a hundred points and even Baker won’t be able to outscore them.

There’s your Plan B Sooner fans…

If Plan B fails and we lose in Stillwater on Saturday the Big 12 and OU plans for this year’s playoffs will be toast.

If that happens, we will be looking at Plan C next week.

Boomer Sooner…


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