Mike Stoops…

First team to 60 wins…This is my Bedlam prediction. The game will feature Baker’s magic on offense against a Mike Stoops’ coached defense. Normally, I would never bet against Baker in anything, but then again we are talking Mike Stoops here.

As usual, OU is the better team and should win the game going away, but then again…

Mike Stoops made his reputation back in the dark ages and prior to the advent of Mike Leach and his air-raid offenses. Mike was busy chasing skirts in Tucson during those days. By the time he returned to Norman the game had changed.

I once suggested that Mike ask his brother for help, but then I remembered that Bob made his reputation as a defensive guru against that same tailback oriented offenses back in the day. Times have passed them both by as defensive coaches.

Thankfully, the College Football Playoff selection committee has given OU players additional motivation.   A win on Saturday and the Sooners will be playoff bound. I never dreamed that OU would be ranked ahead of Ohio State and Penn State, but then it happened and OU fans must embrace this fact as the latest chapter of Sooner Magic.

We can only hope that Baker Mayfield will use this fact to create more Sooner Magic on Saturday. Hopefully, it won’t take 60 points.

Boomer Sooner…







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