The first team to 60 wins…

Right on cue, Trey Sermon takes one to the house and the first team to 60 won. Fortunately, this team was OU.

Just like everyone else, my butt cheeks were as tight as a pair of vice grips, but down deep I knew that in the end OSU would remember that they were Aggies and subsequently OU would come out on top.

Let’s get this straight. Baker, possibly the greatest player in OU history sliced and diced the OSU defense, which was seen by many as improving for some 598 yards. He also stiff-arms an OSU defender to score a touchdown.

The defense while a sieve at times actually played well when they had to. The actual final victory count of ten points was about right as the Gags seemed to be chasing a ten-point deficit all day.

As we knew going in, Baker and the offense would have to outscore Rudolph and his Reindeers and they did just that.

As someone posted, Baker has more wins over OSU in three years that the Mullet man has over OU in his twenty-three years as player and coach. That my friend is hard to do…then again, this is the difference between OU and OSU football.

According to OSU fans this was the year that OSU would finally beat OU and become a playoff team. OSU would win its 2nd Heisman and OSU would play for a legitimate National Championship.

After all with T. Boone’s help the Cowboys returned three NFL-caliber players for their senior year along with three graduate transfers. Additionally, OSU returned a ton of other players for its run to the top.

Now after the Bedlam loss the Pokes will have to hope and pray for either OU or TCU to implode and lose two games down the stretch.   I would not hold by breath on that happening.

Instead their worst nightmare has presented itself. OU will likely be a playoff team, Baker Mayfield will likely win the Heisman and OU will have its second top five recruiting class in a row.

Adding to OSU woes is the fact that their Agent Orange benefactor is not getting any younger. He can still make his way to the bank, but I suspect at his age and after a few more mini-strokes he’ll find it harder and and harder to legibly sign his signature to those bonus checks.

Texas and Baylor will be better next year and TCU under Gary Patterson and his mentor Bill Snyder will be back as well.    Mix in a stubborn West Virginia and Iowa State team and of course OU and you have a tough conference schedule. Oh, by they way, OSU plays Boise State next year as well…ouch.

Okay, there you have it…all is right with the world as Plan C worked and OU is headed down the stretch for a chance to solidify its berth in the college football playoffs.

If we can make it in, look for the Mike Stoops’ defense to fare better than it has against Big 12 teams. Coaching against run oriented offenses instead of the air raid ones we find in the Big 12 will bode well for Mike Stoops.

Life is good…

Boomer Sooner…


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